Saturday, July 27, 2013

2 months!!

I can't believe Emerson is two months already! It seems like we just brought her home from the hospital! Life with her has definitely gotten easier/better and she is a joy to be around each day.
Here is our sweet girl at 2 months old.
A few new developments of late:

1) she smiles all the time!  Her first one was at 6w1d and she continues to do so with gusto.
here is a video I got of her smiling :) LOVE.
2) she can sit in her Bumbo chair by herself! Granted, she's still very small and ends up leaning to one side when she gets tired, but she can do it, and loves the new view of the world. 
Doing the cha cha in her new chair ;)
3) whoever said "if your baby is fussy, toss 'em in the stroller and they'll fall right to sleep!" Has never met Emerson. Twice now while out for a walk (since she wasn't sleeping to begin with) she stayed awake the entire time. There's a lot to see in this world, and I guess she doesn't want to miss any of it! Twice now I've taken her on a walk in the hopes of her falling asleep, and every time I would glance under the canopy at her, she would peer back at me with wide eyes and a goofy grin. Such a stinker!
4) we are still working our way towards being a consistent thumb sucker.  The other day she was in the sling and fussing with the pacifier in her mouth.  She had her hand near the paci, almost like she was trying to flick it out, so I took it out and popped her thumb in. she was falling asleep in seconds.
  5) we went for another family hike and tried out our new carrier.  She wasn't too impressed (mainly because she was still tired) but it was a beautiful day and we had a good time.
5) she loves her daddy more than anything.  I had a follow up dr.'s apt this week and came home to the photo below.  She was sound asleep in his arms.  Melted my heart and made me love him even more. 
6) She is a ridiculously early riser (I'm talking about 5:15am, people).  She also loves her new chair and the outdoors, so I pooled my resources and we drank our morning coffee outside a few times this week.
Just a few additional recent shots.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


As many of you are parents, you know how difficult it is to get a good photo of a top heavy, squirmy, loud noise making, yawning newborn/infant. Since I take most of her photos on my phone, B and I get good chuckles looking through the outtakes. Enjoy the few I've posted, and dont feel guilty at laughing at Emersons expense ;)


To get this.

To get this.
To get this.
AND this
To get this
This (yes she is pooping!)
and this..
To get this
to get this. 
All the funny faces aside, she is such a fun sweet little girl and we love every second with her :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013


While camping over the 4th of July holiday, I either ran into some poison ivy, got the biggest chigger infestation ever, or my new mommy constant state of panic nerves finally got the best of me, because I am now covered in a weird rash/hive out break. I'm not contagious but it itches like crazy and no amount of Benadryl cocktail or calamine lotion bath has helped. That said, not only do I look ridiculous covered in splotchy streaks of pale liquid 24/7, it also effects my and Emerson's night routine. She currently sleeps in a swing at night, and a few nights ago I had just put her down for the night and was applying my nightly coating of calamine lotion when she cried out. Knowing I had precious seconds to get to her before she really woke herself up, I flew into her room to check on her. Sure enough, she was awake, so I had to stand there, only in my unmentionables, dripping in calamine lotion until she calmed down. Good thing we never open the blinds in our house or our neighbors would've gotten quite the sight. =\
For whatever reason, I find it irrationally funny to stick my nose in Emerson's mouth and let her suck on it. She thinks it is food and goes to town, and I in turn get a good chuckle. Yes, mean I know. Don't worry though, karma kicked me in the butt a few days ago for this cruel trick. She had just eaten, gotten a fresh diaper and was laying nice and calm on the changing table. Since she was in a good mood, I thought this would be the perfect time to try it, and right as she started sucking, she also spit up. On my nose. Emerson-1 Mommy-0.
Check out that double chin!  She is a champion eater, and has the chub to prove it!

This is a typical Emerson face. She does this all the time. 

And again :)

Playing with Gma Akley this week
We also went for our first family hike this week around Silvan Lake.  Now, a hike around a lake sounds like an easy time, but actually this lake has multiple stone stairs, steep inclines and narrow rock formations.  Good thing we brought our off-roading stroller (which we had to carry many times).  It was a great day though :)


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life as of late

Before Emerson was born, I found the time to regularly blog once (sometimes twic!) a week, but now that she's here, my "me" time is almost non existent, and the time I spend blogging has gotten drastically cut. I realize though, mosr people check the blog frequently and really love the photo dump posts, so in light of that, enjoy these photos from our life lately :) I'll try to do more content next time, but for now, enjoy her sweet face.

She still isnt too sure of bathtime yet, but we are slowly getting there.
We went camping for the 4th of July and as terrified as i was of being outside for two days with a one month old, it was aftually pretty awesome. My brother, sister in law and nephew came up from iowa and we got a few sites and spent time with all extended family at the lake. It was pretty great.
Camping is exhausting when you're this cute!
B and i went on our first date sans Emerson since her birth. Dinner and some gambling up in Deadwood and gma Dobbs watched Emerson. Yes, i cried when we left her for the first time.
This happened. No, that isnt water.. we had just given Emerson a bath and she thought that would be the ideal time to pee all over mommy. and the floor.

All in all, we love her to pieces! 
Until next time..


Monday, July 1, 2013

1 month

Where has the time gone?! Emerson is 4 weeks old already, which in my book constitutes 1 month, and I can hardly believe it!  Our first few weeks with her were incredibly challenging, but once we made it through those (with countless tears shed and multiple phone calls to grandmas), life with her has been pretty great.

at 1 month she:
-Weighs 8.3lbs and is in the 20th percentile
-Is 21inches long and is in the 30th percentile
-Sleeps 2.5-3hr stretches at night, fairly consistently
-Smiles in her sleep and after feeding, but still hasn't smiled knowingly yet. We can't wait for this!
-Has started to make more normal "baby" noises. She coos while on her playmat and it is adorable.
-Gets hiccups all.the.time. I know this is a normal developmental thing for babies, and she had them in utero all the time, but she has them-no joke- twice a day sometimes.
-is still the poopiest and gassiest baby I've ever known.
-is still a lot of work, but gets more fun with each passing day :)

She is a very animated stretcher right after waking up. She sleeps swaddled and clearly,loves to have her arms free. Nothing better than a good baby stretch :)

She makes funny faces constantly but trying to capture them on video is so hard! 

We went to a wedding this weekend and Emerson got to meet a lot of new people. All thought she was adorable :)

Gma Dobbs turns nearly every visit into a photo-shoot. We have countless adorable pictures to show for it though :)