Thursday, October 17, 2013

19 & 20 weeks

We had our 4 month (4 1/2 actually) appointment yesterday and this sweet girl isn't nearly as chubby as we thought! She is growing great though, and her pediatrician gave us the ok to start her on rice cereal if we want. We plan to do this soon, and will certainly take a video of the experience!
Sadly, she had to get 4 shots this time, and it was just as heartbraking as her 2 month appointment.  She was so happy to start with and once they injected her little thighs, her face turned bright red and she let out the loudest scream/cry that we've ever heard.
Needless to say, there was lots of cuddling last night.
Her stats at 4 months, 16 days:
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 12lbs 10oz
Head Circumference: 41.8cm
She loved the crinkly exam paper, so we did some quick tummy time while waiting for the doctor!
The aftermath.  2 shots in each leg, and a good nap/cuddle in the Moby wrap while I made dinner.
Winter storm Altas (since when did we start naming winter storms??) did a number on us, and dropped 31" of snow on our town.  Surrounding areas got up to 51"+, power was out to over 40,000 people, and most importantly (devestatingly actually) thousands of livestock were killed.  We were fortunate to have both sets of parents in town, mine living a few miles from us, so B ventured out in the storm and took me and E to my parents house.  The power went out at our house while we were gone, and stayed out for nearly 24hours.  B was a hero (as usual!) and worked 24 hours straight with the department, shoveling out stuck vehicles, answering emergency calls and being all around awesome.  Needless to say, he was incredibly tired when his shift was over, and slept for quite a while before trudging through the drifts to get me and E.
E and I had a great time during the storm.  My parents have a wood burning fireplace, so the power outage didnt effect our heat or food source (we cooked soup on top of the fireplace!), and fortunately the power was only out for a few hours.  E loved the attention, 3 people to play with and love on her for 2 days straight! 
We weathered the storm a lot better than most, but here are a few photos of our experience :) 
Here's E's first time in her little snowsuit.  She wasn't impressed to be stuck in her carseat, basically unable to move but she was nice and toasty!
playing in a new toy at Gma and Gpa's house. In a diaper becuase we are classy.  (actually, she was in a diaper becuase she had gone through the three extra outfits i had brought with, and we needed to wash them!) 
We usually bring the Bumbo chair with us when we head to either Gparents house, but it wasn't a necessity during the storm so we had to improvise. Yes, she is sitting in a booster seat, with a boppy wedged around her, while in a captains chair.  Classy? questionable.  Effective? definitely!
Spending some quality time with Gma. (yes, she's pooping)
Viewing the start of the snowstorm from her changing table.  You'd think with the size of her eyes, and how ridiculously bright it is, she'd not want to look outside, but no. not our baby :) 
Sound asleep in daddy's arms on our walk home 
Some of the aftermath in our neighborhood.  The tree damage was awful all around town! 
In other news, she is making developmental strides all over the place!
This photo doesn't do her justice, but she is getting MUCH better at sitting up on her own!  Granted, she will get excited and flex her tummy and then tip herself over from the excitement, but it is fun to watch her discover this new skill.
Ever since she started sleeping in her sleep sack, she has become a little Houdini.  I went to get her out of bed, unzipped the sleep sack, and found this!  No idea how she got both feet out of her jammies, but she did somehow! 
 E wearing a new hat that a good friend of mine from college gave us.  We've had this in the closet since i was only a few months pregnant, so we are excited it fits!
This is my typical view of our sweet girl now.  She loves to lay on her back and play with her feet!  she grabs her toes all the time.
She wore ruffly socks and shoes to church this past Sunday :)  Didnt last long though, she fell asleep in the carseat during our grocery run after church and somehow had a blow out that spilled out all over her carseat.   Goodbye cute outfit =/
A new favorite photo of our sweet girl. love her smile!  (this also shows, her eyes are still grey-ish but look green in certain outfits and lighting.  still not sure what they will end up, but it is fun watching her looks change as the days go by)
She recently discovered how to clasp her hands together and does so all the time.  if you put your hand out with fingers splayed, she will try to hold your hand.   
She also LOVES her teething ring.  She isn't actually teething yet (that we can tell) but she drools like a fool and loves to chew on anything.  This was at lunch yesterday.

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