Wednesday, April 16, 2014

moving machine

Since Emerson began crawling (just two weeks ago, already!) she has been all over the place! trying to take photos of her has become more and more difficult, because if she doesn't want to sit for them, she knows she can move now! 
Case in point:
She loves to move and tries to pull up on people or things all the time. one of her most recent places to sit is in my lap. Which, I LOVE, because she is not a cuddly baby at all!
She has the weirdest fascination with the door! I think its because it is something she can reach, and the door has the hinge that makes noise, but she loves to crawl over to it and look out the window.
In addition to her love of the front door, she also loves to play with the floor mat in front of it!
She also likes to 'help' me prep for meals.  and by help, I mean stand at my feet, pick at my toes, try to eat any scrap of food I may have dropped, or pull at my pant legs until I pick her up and let her see what I'm working on.
She can't get to a standing position unassisted, but loves to be propped up against something so she can see things from a different point of view.
She loves to play with our dog too.  And he is still so patient!  she will crawl over to him and pull his ears/tail/hands/anything she can reach and he still tolerates it like a champ.  She has even started to take his toys from him, so we will see how long that lasts! 
 In addition to crawling, she has learned how to sit up on her own.  this makes for interesting nap times..
And this happened during nap time last week. Needless to say, we quickly dropped her crib to the lowest setting!
She has also learned how to prop herself up on her knees.  She hasn't mastered how to get down from this position, and will often get stuck and yell until we come help her.  And yes, this happens in her crib at night too =/
No idea how she sits like this, but she doesn't seem uncomfortable at all!
 She does fairly well with catching herself when she falls, but sometimes we aren't so lucky.  Here she is with her first goose-egg :(
And immediately after I took this photo, she tried to 'stand' and tipped backwards and hit her head. many tears.
Since we are confident in her abilities to move around, she now gets to take baths without her bath seat!  She is much happier, she can crawl to her floating toys and loves to splash around.
 She also practices her 'kneeling/standing' and since we are in the midst of teething, she ends up chewing on the side of the tub. (note to self: add that to the cleaning list this weekend)
   We often keep Copper in the mud room behind the baby gate if he has been outside and has muddy feet, and E can't quite understand this concept.  She tries to reach him through the bar, and gets so mad when she can't get to him.
She hasn't figured out how to climb over this bar yet, so when she does we will have to keep the gate closed all the time. (unless we want her to end up eating Copper's dog food)
She loves to sit and play with my hair (and by play, I mean pull it, grab it and swing it around like a party banner, etc.) and when she gets bored of this game, she crawls over my head.
She also gets stuck.
We have reclining leather couches, and since they have to be placed away from the wall, she has figured out she can fit between the couch and the wall and get to the door faster.  needless to say, we cannot fit through there.
Life with a baby on the move has definitely changed the dynamic around our house, but it is so fun to watch her discover things on her level and see her mind turning :) 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10 months

Our sweet baby is 10 months old!  As she's been getting older, my brain doesn't really ever skip ahead to the thought that she's going to be a year old in such a short time.  It needs to sink in quickly though, because she will be a whole year old in less than two months! (whaaaaat?!)
While I sit in the corner and rock myself, enjoy this photo update of our sweet baby.
At 10 months she:
Can crawl!!!!  She just learned to army crawl last week, so the fact that she figured out how to crawl so closely afterwards caught us totally of guard!  She learned how on Sunday and we have been practicing ever since. 
In addition to crawling, she loves to 'walk' (with assistance). she loves to stand up and hang onto things, so I know walking isn't too far off.
LOVES our dog Copper. Now that she can move around, she scoots over to him and plays with his feet, his tail, grabs his ears or face tries to play with him.  He is awesome and tolerates it for a few minutes, and then gets up and moves to another spot in the house. He is so amazingly gentle with her, and we can't wait for her to get a bit bigger so they can play together.
Loves to eat and feed herself.  We are still fortunate to not have any weird allergies to foods, and she does great with just about anything.  She's a big fan of eating what we eat, and this makes meal times MUCH easier on all of us.  She also frequently scoffs at the small chunks of food that we tear up for her, and often grabs the whole piece. 
Perfect example.  She took the whole chunk of pancake out of the cup holder and stuffed it into her mouth when I had my back turned.  She knew she got caught, look at her face!
No.. this isn't the first time she's had icecream ;) she loves it.
Is so stubborn! We are slowly teaching her the meaning of the word 'No', but it is slow going to say the least. She can move to what she wants, and often times goes after things she shouldn't. Case in point, the charger cord to B's laptop. (and the cords to the lamp and the cable box)
Is a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  There is a song at the end of each episode called the Hotdog Dance, and every time it plays, she will stop what she is doing and watch them dance.  Needless to say, the theme for her first birthday party is going to be Mickey Mouse :)
We have graduated from the Moby wrap into our ring sling (made by my mom!!!) and it works out awesomely.  I am a big fan of baby wearing, and some days, it is the only way I can get anything done!  She has still been a bit under the weather lately, so we've spent many hours in it.
And this, folks, hardly ever happens!  She is not a snuggly baby at all (breaks my heart) but when she is in the sling, and a little sleepy, she has started to lay her head on my chest.  Makes me melt every time! I'd carry her in it 24/7 if she weren't so heavy!
Loves to 'help' with laundry. she will usually ride in the basket from our bedroom to the mudroom, and then play in the clean clothes while i'm folding them. 
Is ready for her first Easter!
Lasted the ENTIRE TIME in the church nursery this past week!!!  Yes, she had one meltdown and they had to walk up and down the halls with her, but i'm so proud that she made it the whole time on her own!  Fingers crossed she is able to do it again.
Is the absolute light of our lives, and we love her more than words can even express :)