Tuesday, May 6, 2014

11 months


Our sweet baby is 11 months old! 1 month away from being an entire YEAR old!  Well, technically less than a month because I'm behind the power curve on posting (story of my life lately).  Time with her flies by, and every day is an absolute joy.

At 11 months Emerson is so much fun.  She is learning new things everyday and is becoming more of a unique little girl as she grows.

at 11 months she:

Loves to eat (still).  We have yet to come across something she will not eat, however, she is starting to show preferences to certain items over others.
We tried to feed her a lemon the other day, anticipating a funny face, and she just chewed on it like it was no big deal!

She has a preference towards fruit, and makes this face when she's stuffed too much in her mouth and then realizes that she doesn't have anymore.
Has three teeth (two bottom and one on top), and the fourth is about to break through.
Has started to show affection towards certain stuffed animals.  It is the cutest thing watching her reach out her arms and hug each one.
In addition to loving on her stuffed animals, she is becoming more affectionate with people.  She gives kisses (not regularly) and will reach out for people.  in random moments she will also lay her head on you.  (melts my heart every time because she isn't a snuggly child at.all!)
Loves spending time outside.  Playing in the grass, not so much. Sand, dirt or otherwise are a big hit.
Trying out a new stroller is exhausting

We live around the corner from a local elementary school and take walks to it frequently.  We took some trips down the slide and she wasn't too sure about it at first, but ended up liking it :) 
Like most kids now days, she loves technology.  She somehow figures out how to turn the camera on on my cell phone and we've ended up with some good selfies of her chin.  Chelfies? that's a word now. you're welcome.


this also goes to show how often my phone gets dropped..
In addition to crawling, she can stand unassisted (while leaning) and just last night was taking her first steps with a walker!



Ignore my gross double chin here.. but she looks too cute not to post this photo.
She was clapping because we were celebrating the fact that we paid off our other vehicle and now own them both! 

LOVES Copper.  we recently put his metal collar back on, and it has the identification tags on there, and E loves to crawl over to him and play with them.
He is a constant obstacle to crawl over, and she seeks him out on the regular. 
He can't even sleep in his own bed without her investigating.
Had a great first Easter!  We hosted dinner at our house and were so thankful for the awesome weather that allowed us to eat outside :)
LOVES to watch Wheel of Fortune.  After we eat dinner, we will turn this on and she will stop crawling around every so often and sit (or stand) and watch the screen.
Crawls EVERYWHERE. FAST. In light of her increased mobility she frequently crawls places and then gets stuck.  Case in point:
She also knows that when objects are out of reach that she can get to them.  She will turn just about anything into a toy. The ribbon in her hands helps to hold open the baby gate into our mud room.
Her new thing is to suck on the top of a bottle rather than a pacifier. 
Also in light of her increased mobility, she is more inquisitive than ever.  As a result, we had to get some contraptions that help hold cupboard doors shut.  As you can see, the thing in her hand was no match for her, and she was quite proud that she figured out how to open the door on her own.
We are fortunate though.  She rarely takes anything out of the cupboards once she's opened them (the dishwasher is another story. and so is the fridge).  she instead likes to do this:
and recently discovered she can do this:
and then this happened.
This happens a lot: (the crawling in the dishwasher, and the surprised look on her face)
Her hair is getting longer (thank goodness!) and can now rock crazy bed head with the best of them.
Just some additional photos of her looking cute. :)
Life with her is pretty great. Adventuresome, but pretty fantastic.

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