Tuesday, August 26, 2014

4th of July!

 last 4th of July was spent at the lake camping with a 1month old, so needless to say this year was quite different!  We were blessed to have my brother, sister in law and two nephews in town, as well as my Aunt Reena!  Emerson loves any and all family members, so it was great to see her interact with people she had only seen via Facetime and Skype for so long.
a few highlights of their trip: we went to a baseball game, accompanied by fireworks afterward, we took at trip to Reptile Gardens, and we also went to the lake! 
It was a great holiday week/weekend spent with family :)
Asher watching the game with grandma and Aunt Reena

my awesome brother and his sweet boy, Everett ;)

Everett was such a trooper!  he was up late past his bedtime, but he loved to watch the fireworks.

There was an Independence Day festival at our downtown square, and Brandon and I stopped by on our way to my parents house and snagged these hats and headband for the kids.  They didn't wear them for too long, but it made for a fun photo op none the less!


in true Emerson fashion, she had two outfits for the day :)
This girl LOVES to read!  Aunt Reena was a trooper and would crawl on the ground and read with her, no matter how many times they read the same book in a row (it was a lot)



playing in the rocks at the park with cousins :)

at Reptile Gardens

My in-laws have a pontoon boat, so we are fortunate to have lake access fairly frequently.  The weather this summer hasn't been the warmest, so we snatch up any opportunity we can to get on the water!  Emerson loves to splash and play in the lake, so it always makes for a good time.

We filled the live well with a bit of water and let her sit in there and play for a bit. it was a big hit!


Florida vacation!

No we haven't fallen off the face of the earth, despite what it may seem!  life has been crazy busy lately, and unfortunately blogging fell to the waaaay back burner.  I'll try to do a few posts that catch you up on our most recent life events.
We took a trip to Florida in the middle of July, and it was an amazing much needed time away from crazy life.  We went with another couple who has a daughter a little younger than Emerson and it was an absolute blast!  My second cousins have a beautiful condo right on the ocean that they graciously let us use while we were there, and it was such a blessing (both location and financially!) to be able to use it.  We were literally across the street from the ocean, and being able to walk out on the patio each morning and see the ocean was pretty great.
My new way of packing for the trip: everything went into a ziplock bag!  looks/sounds crazy, but it helped save space, and I could just grab a bag and have her full change of clothes at a moment's notice. We will pack this way from now on!

This was the face she made when I told her we were headed to the airport to go to Florida!

the amount of stuff we traveled with =/
I had heard a bunch of stories on how to keep a baby entertained on the airplane, so we came equipped with lots of toys and books, a full thing of milk and juice, and Emerson's weight in yogurt bites.  She did so awesome on the flights down there, she slept 75% of each flight!  The way back was a little tougher though, but overall, she was amazing!
our first night there, Steph and the boys came up to spend the night.  we had dinner and played on the beach, and it was so fun to watch the kids interact (it was the first time they had seen each other since Emerson had been born!)

the water was amazing!  it was so warm the first day we went, and E had no issues sitting and splashing in the waves
 The next few days weren't as warm, so she enjoyed a lot of time in the sand

There was a fisherman's wharf not too far from our resort, so we spent one of our days there, touring around and having some delicious sushi!


If you know us at all, you know we thrive on a nap schedule.  It took a lot, but the day we were at the wharf, we actually powered through one of Emerson's scheduled nap times, and she took a power nap in her stroller.  It worked out great!

There was also an aquarium there, so we spent a day there as well.  Emerson loved seeing the dolphins, seals and the other fish.  Needless to say, we will be getting an aquarium (or a small fishbowl!) in the future so she can look at them.  She learned how to say 'fish' while there, it was so cute!

 Our friends, Jordan, Bree and their daughter Maddy.

 We had a much needed date night while there, and got to see some crazy huge boats while waiting for our table.  It was a beautiful area, and we enjoyed the time out.



This photo took us about 12 tries to get.  One nephew wouldn't smile, then the other would, but the first wasn't paying attention. Took a bunch of tries, but it was worth it for the giggles

how 99% of the photos look :)
LOVED seeing my sister!
She wasn't too impressed that we had to leave

Until next time, Florida!