Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Math isn't my strong suit..

I should've known that Emerson was a girl, just based on when i went into labor.  Her due date was June 4, which would make it nice and easy each month to tell others how old she was.  While i was pregnant, one thing that drove me crazy was that a full term pregnancy is actually more than 9 months. closer to 10 actually.  any woman who has been pregant knows the infuriating dance you have to do when telling people how far along you are.  When you are 12 weeks along, you aren't actually 3 months because not every month has 4 weeks.  When you are 40 weeks (full term) you are actually 9.2 months pregnant. MADDENING! (to me at least)

This same infuriating trend has now carried over into Emerson's life.  Rather than she be born on her due date (or any date that every month has!) she had to be difficult and be born on the 31st. Now, had she been born on her due date, i could've told people with certainty that she was XX months old on the same day each month. But noooo, that would be too easy.  Only 7 months of the year have 31 days, and Feb. only has 28 days (normally), so i have to count how old she is in weeks, not months, and people give me wierd looks everytime.  Yes, i know it is odd, but i dont have a choice!

my mom kindly pointed this out to me this past monthly update.  She is currently 12 weeks and 4 days old, or 2 months and 28 days.  Technically she isn't three months yet, so i jumped the gun.  But really, how much more fun is a blog post titled '3 months!!' rather than '12 weeks!!'

This face captures how i feel about the whole situation.

I digress..

here is our sweet girl at her appropriate age- 12w4d, a few days shy of 3 months :)
she is clearly exhausted by the thought process too. 


Monday, August 26, 2013

3 months (12 weeks)

Our sweet girl is 3 months old and a few days already!
The reason this post is a few days late is beucase she rolled over for the first time on Friday morning!!!  I always film tummy time in teh hopes that i'll catch her rolling over, and i actually caught the first time she did it!  Tummy time was going well (a very rare occurance) and she started to lean and then it happened!  And for those wondering, yes, i cried afterwards. 
Enjoy :) Apologies in advance for my voice in the video =/
She becomes more fun each day and watching her discover new things about the world around her is so fun. She still hasn't figured out that her hands are her own, but she knows that she can move her arms all over the place.  As a result, i've been hit in the face multiple times.
This happens frequently.  She slowly leans to one side and then tips over.  She doesn't seem to mind too much, until she realizes she can't move her bottom arm and then the crying ensues.
Not only is her body filling out, but her little feet are as well.  Up until now, her little feet were too narrow to wear shoes.  Recently she has been able to!  she still kicks them off, but at least we start the day with shoes on (sometimes).
She has discovered her feet!  she realizes they are down there, and stares at them frequently, but i dont think se realizes they are hers yet.  It is too cute though, many of the photos i take are like the ones below. 
We went to a local festival downtown last week and she got to stay up past her bedtime.  I was worried with how she'd do, but she did great that night!  I wore her in the Moby and she loved the view facing out into the crowd.  People kept staring and commenting how cute she was, i think I she loved it.  She lasted about an hour and then got turned around to face me and fell asleep almost instantly.
Until the walk back to the car.. She creeped on B the whole walk back. 
We have blowouts on a regular basis now, 3 of which have been as i'm walking out the door to work.  I just think of it as another time to practice tummy time. 
Each day is better than the last with her.  Yes, it is still a lot of work, but when she has so much personality, it totally makes it worth while.  

Monday, August 19, 2013

11 weeks

If someone would've tried to tell me just how much our lives would change as a result of becoming parents, i would've brushed them off and said 'Yes, I know our lives will change..".  But if only we knew what a blessing this sweet girl would really be!  Yes, she has her maddening days where she wont nap (thats a whole other post), has had too many exploding diapers to count ( here and here ) and will scream her head off if put down, but at the end of the day when we are playing in the bath and she gives us her big toothless smile, we can see it in her eyes that she loves us, and know that the crazy stupid amount of love we have for her isn't for nothing.
She is making developmental strides everyday and it is so crazy to think she will be 3 months old this Friday!  Where did my squishy newborn baby go?  She has been replaced with a fiercly independent, sometimes pensive, and frequently smiley little girl!  She tries so hard to laugh and i have a feeling this milestone is just around the corner.  She has done it in her sleep once before (while in the Moby Wrap) and it was such an amazing sound!  We are on pins and needles waiting for her to do it while awake and will most certainly update when it happens.
Enjoy the photo updates of our sweet girl.  She is such a joy :)
Emerson has started to notice her feet!  She still seems to have no idea what-so-ever that they are hers or connected to her body, but she notices them none the less!  Today i decided to put shoes on her and she noticed them too!  (the fact that they are silver helped I'm sure :) ) but it was too cute not to include. **side note- check out those thigh rolls! 
She had her best night's sleep EVER last night!  Only woke up one time :)  Yes, i know this could very well be a fluke and I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch, but it was a great day to mark on the calendar.  She was in fantastic spirits this morning. and a little mischevious too! 
 Gettin' her dance on before we went to church yesterday. 
On the whole she is a great baby with a usually content temperment.  If she is hungry, sleepy or poopy thought, watch out!
Her mood is fantastically different after she's eaten.  Once she passes the 'milk drunk' phase, she is incredibly content to sit on my lap and look around as long as I'll let her. 
Here she is coming off her 'milk drunk' ;) 
I finally finished this piece of artwork for her room!  We took her hand and footprints a few weeks after birth, but it took me forever to finish the project!  It will be such a fun reminder of how tiny she was, and a personal way to remember such a fun time in her life. 
I have a work colleague who is a great photographer and she offered to take some photos of Emerson so we jumped at the chance!  We LOVE the photos our friend Kayla took for us and cherish the images of our sweet girl so tiny, and i know that we will love these upcoming photos just as much.
Here she is trying out the tutu prior to the photoshoot.
She wasn't too pleased, but we got some fun photos out of it! 
We went for a hike, and it was the first ever time she was facing outwards- she LOVED it!  so much more for her to see and enjoy.  she's still on the small side so the sling was a little awkward for her, but she liked being able to see things  
She is noticing things more and more each day.  Here she is starting at my wedding ring!  B jokes that he doesn't have the money to support two girls' expensive jewelry habit so i need to stop showing it to her.  Diamonds are usually a girl's best friend..
The first ever time she was facing out in the Moby wrap!  Exciting times. 
**She also noticed my phone all.the.time!  I take so many photos of her and whenever it is out, she stops what she's doing and stares at it!  (sheesh look at that chin =/)
One of my co-workers was so sweet and purchased some clothes for Emerson, one of which was this little jean romper.  So cute and a more modern twist on overalls! 
She continues to get chubbier by the day!  At our last doctors appointment, she weighed in at 10lbs 6 oz (up nearly 4 lbs from birth!).  This was over 2 weeks ago, so she has to be at least 12 lbs now.  Love our chunky monkey :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

10 week update

 Emerson had her 2 month appointment last week (a little late =/) and she is doing great!  She weighs 10.6lbs (up nearly 4lbs from birth) and is 22 1/4" long (up 4 inches from birth).  She is in the 30 something percentile for both, but her head measures in the 70th percentile.. She's got a big brain in that little head of hers!
She smiles constantly, and even gave us a grin prior to her shots.  Everyone tried to prepare us for how that would go, but seeing the look of surprise on her face when they injected her little thighs, and the subsequent crying by both mommy and baby Eme.. heartbreaking.  Luckily though, she was a champ and only cried for a few minutes.  Mommy on the other hand.. a little more than a few minutes.
Her sleeping patterns have started to be more firmly established (which we are SO grateful for!).  She goes to sleep between 7:45-8pm and sleeps until 11:45 or 12ish, is up for a little while to eat and then back to sleep until 3 or 3:30 to eat again and then is up for the day with us around 5:30 or 6.  We obviously fluctuate from day to day, but I'm grateful that things are becoming a bit more routine.  The growth spurts were pretty brutal for us.
 Due to her champion eating skills, she grew out of our first sling, and we've graduated to the Moby wrap.  At first, i was highly skeptical of the crazy wrap style and wondered if it would really hold her securely, but i couldn't have been more wrong!  Sure it takes a minute to wrap around me all crazy like, but once Emerson is in it, she comfortably settles in and is usually asleep within a few minutes.  I love having her so close to me, i can always kiss her little head and she seems to love the security it provides.  Many walks have been taken in the past week with her safely in the wrap. I'm a Moby Wrap convert- thanks Stephanie!!
Grandma came for a quick visit! (and to drop off a few new outfits! ) 
We recently purchased new leather couches (YAY!) and the one sectional has a middle storage compartment.  Emerson tested it out, and it is the perfect size  for her to sit in.
She gets chubbier by the day and we LOVE it!  A healthy eater for sure. 
To continue a tradition thats been going on since we were dating, B and I went to the Sturgis Rally this year.  Date night, sans Emerson. Thanks gma!  
She was none to pleased yesterday morning that i woke her up to eat before dropping her off at gma's. sorry girlfriend! 
One of my favorite photos so far of my two favorite people.  Emerson loves her daddy so much, and seeing him care for her melts my heart everytime.  I'm so blessed to be where i am in my life, and I couldn't imagine going through this journey with a better partner.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

IT happened again

If you read our blog consistently, you know that we experienced our first true blow-out last week.  As ridiculous as the situation was at the time, we can now look back and laugh at the whole thing, so all in all it wasn't too terrible. Part of the reason it wasn't so bad was because B and I were together and he could help out as needed.  Well folks, it happened again, and this time, it was just me vs. the exploding diaper.  You'd think Emerson would've been some sort of help, but no, she lays there either smiling/laughing at me or crying and kicking her little legs.  I had to not only deal with the diaper and dirty clothes, but also make sure she didnt stick her foot in it!

Here's how it happened.
I got her dressed on Sunday morning for church and off we went.  She was wearing an entirely new outfit (yes, down to the headband and socks) and looked adorable.

Case in point:

This was the first time that she was actually awake when church started, so i of course had her out so she could be seen see people.  I had a blanket on my shoulder in case she spit up, and when she wanted to look forward, i wrapped it around her lower half to help keep her warm. 
We made it through 3 worship songs before i feel something wet hit my hand.  i look at the pew in-front of me, and notice there is clear liquid on the wood.  I look above me, thinking there maybe a leak somewhere, and then realize that the leak is coming from the tiny person i'm holding in my arms.  At this exact time, i feel a wet spot form on my stomach/hip, and drip down my right leg and onto my foot/sandle.  I look, and the liquid is still clear (from what i could see), so I thought her diaper had just come loose and she had peed.  If only i could've been so lucky.
I quick grab the diaper bag and head to the nursing mothers room, and when i laid her down on the changing table, I saw it.  Poop. On her brand new, white, ruffly church sock.  I look at the inside of her thigh and notice the same poop on her leg and the inside of her dress. I look at the blanket, and sure enough, poop there too! 
I unsnap her dress and get her down to the yucky diaper, and by this time she is screaming and flailing her arms and legs around the pacifier isn't helping.  This, of course, is the perfect time for worship to end, and for them to start taking communion.  Not one, not two, but 3 seperate ushers walk in and ask if i want the emblems to take with the congregation.  I politely decline and point to the poop covered infant that is currently screaming, and they get the hint and walk away. 
I get her all changed, and realize that we dont have a bag for her clothes, so i walk to the nursery to grab one.  Meanwhile, she has a huge grin on her face and is making friends with everyone that we pass.  All the while, mommy has noticed the 'clear' wet spot on my stomach is actually a nice shade of yellowy brown and the size of a hamburger patty. Nice.
Needless to say, she spent the rest of the service in a sling, dozing in and out, in a fabulously un-matching outfit. But hey, she still had her headband on =/

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

another photo dump

A part of me feels guilty when i publish the blog from my phone.  Yes, the ease of having a smart phone, and being able to upload the photos i take with the touch of a button is fabulous, but lets be real, the content always suffers.  I usually update things while feeding Emerson, trying to scroll through the hundreds various photos i take of her, and by the time i've uploaded them all, trying to type on my keyboard isn't an option. 
Like i've said before though, most people follow the blog to see her photos and hear the occasional funny story (which, lets be honest, has been her whole life so far), so i dont feel as bad about the photo dump.
Enjoy our sweet girl!  She will be 10 weeks this Friday and is more fun with each passing day.
My first day back to work was this past Monday, and by far the hardest day since she's been born. (had you asked me that in the beginning, i surely would've told you otherwise..).  As challenging as life with her has been at times, she is such an amazing little girl, and being away from her was so tough. (I cried everytime a co-worker asked about her!).  We are incredibly fortunate though, both sets of Grandparents have graciously agreed to watch her two days a week and knowing that she is with them when she is away from us helps lessen the pain.  She is gaining a great relationship with her grandparents, and we have the peace of mind knowing that she is spending time with someone who loves her nearly as much as we do.
This was taken that morning when i loaded her into the carseat.  The look of sadness and uncertainty perfectly describes how i felt that morning :(.  It hasn't gotten much easier, but the time i spend crying in the car on my drive to work gets less each day.

On a happier note, this is my favorite photo that I've taken of Emerson so far. :)

Bathtime has become a favorite activity in our household :)
She recently discovered a 'game' during bathtime :) It shows a small snippet of her personality and we love it.  She also has started to splash while in the bath, but everytime i try to catch it on camera, she stops!
She recently discovered that she can blow spit bubbles. 
Look at that mischevious little grin! 
Her cheeks are getting chubbier with each passing day, and i LOVE it! 
This was her outfit for church this past Sunday.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

It was bound to happen..

We were having a family outing a few days ago and IT happened. I should've anticipated it, seeing as how she hadnt pooped in a day, but the reality was worse than what I imagined. 
We were in an antique store and I was wearing her in a sling when i felt her poop and thought nothing of it. We headed to the car so I could change her, and when I pulled her out of the sling, I saw exactly what we were dealing with and knew we didnt have enough wipes. Or plastic bags.
Poop was in the sling, on my cardigan, and all over Emersons onsie and skirt. 
I yelled to B to get the diaper bag and help me, and he as he hands it to me, a look of pure disgust, horror and "I have to laugh so I don't cry" was on his face. I started to undress her and realized we needed bags to put her clothes in, so I sent him inside to get some. While he was gone, I rolled up the onsie so I could get it off her, and in doing so, I made the poop squeeze out both ends of the shirt and onto her face and hair. Worst mom ever, I know. B comes back with the bags and shouts at me "its on her face!!!" Yes honey, it is everywhere, including on my hands, both arms and the passenger seat off my car. It took me nearly 10 minutes to get her cleaned up, and her bath that night was extra thorough. 
Trying to clean her up was such a circus that I wish we would've videotaped it, but the photos have to suffice. Luckily I had a change if clothes for her in her diaper bag, or she woudlve been rocking a diaper until we got home.

She was quite pleased with herself.
Until i took off her onsie =\
And got it on her face..
She wasnt too pleased after the whole episode.

But she had a good discussion (laughs on her part ) with dad when we stopped for lunch.

We survived our first true blowout. Success in parenthood comes in many forms :)