Monday, October 28, 2013

A photo dump update

Our life as of late- through the lense of my camera phone :)
If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that i follow a lot of moms with babies who were born around E's birthday.  I had a pregnacy app on my phone, and while i was still pregnant, a few of us shared our instagram names (lyndseyakley if you're curious!) so we could keep up with eachother after our babies were born.  It has been so fun to see other boys and girls around her age, and it is great to have a resource of fellow moms who are often going through the same things we are.  One of the moms is a great knitter, and she had these adorable hats, so we got one for E.  Yes, she looks like a Cabbage Patch doll, and yes we I love it!

 She is becoming more and more talkative each day, and here she is telling daddy a story.  I love how they only have eyes for eachother :)
This photo is a little grainy (sorry!) but it shows a few things: 1) look at her chubby little face/cheeks!  She is in the smaller percentiles on the growth chart, but she has some chub to compete with the best of them ;) 2) she sits up better each day!  she even uses her arms to balance.
She still LOVES the outdoors.  The exersaucer is placed right near our front door, and she often strains to look out the front screen door.
 We are still working to get her to roll from back to her tummy, but she doesn't seem to have any desire to do so just yet.  We were practicing the other day (i'll prop her up on her side and help her "roll" over to her belly) and she was starting to get tired.  I rolled her over like normal, and she stayed face down like this for a few minutes.  She didn't fall asleep, she just laid there, face down in the blanket, eyes open.  Such a silly girl.
I knew this day would come, and it arrived!  I went in to wake her up one morning and she was sound asleep on her tummy!  I always figured she'd be a tummy sleeper like her daddy ;)
We are in the beginning stages of teething (we think) because every item she can get her hands on goes straight into her mouth! 
Gma D and I (and E) went to Hobby Lobby to find some home decor stuff, and she sat in the front of the cart like a champ!  we tried this a few weeks ago at Target, but the carts are much larger there, so she kept tipping over.  Granted, we had to put her blanket and the Moby on either side of her so she didn't tip over, but still! She held onto the front of the cart, and loved the new view!
A coworker of mine got married this past weekend and E and I went. (B was off hunting pheasants with Gpa D, so he was having fun all on his own).  She did great the whole time, and was such a hit at the reception once she woke up.
A post on this will follow shortly, but we carved our first pumpkins as a family!  She wasn't too sure of the innards of the pumpkin, but ended up trying to eat some of it before we were finished.
On Thursday, this sweet baby slept through the night for the first time ever!!  She slept from 7:30p-4:30a (she stirred here and needed the paci put back in, but fell right back to sleep) and woke at 5:30a to eat!  She ate, then back to sleep until 7:45a.  I could hardly believe it!
(total side note, but how AMAZING does she look in brown??  Definitely takes after her daddy with that complextion.)
This girl is ready to start eating food like nobody's business! mommy on the other hand.. is having a hard time.  As you'll see in the video below, she is to the point that she will reach out and try to grab what you're eating.  I feel bad for laughing at her, but if you're eating near her and not paying attention, you're likely to lose a bite of food.  She wasn't pleased that Gma D wouldn't share her burger.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chit chatting

E has recently started "talking" more and more. With the intonation and inflection she is practicing, it seems like she really believes she is communicating with us.

Enjoy :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

19 & 20 weeks

We had our 4 month (4 1/2 actually) appointment yesterday and this sweet girl isn't nearly as chubby as we thought! She is growing great though, and her pediatrician gave us the ok to start her on rice cereal if we want. We plan to do this soon, and will certainly take a video of the experience!
Sadly, she had to get 4 shots this time, and it was just as heartbraking as her 2 month appointment.  She was so happy to start with and once they injected her little thighs, her face turned bright red and she let out the loudest scream/cry that we've ever heard.
Needless to say, there was lots of cuddling last night.
Her stats at 4 months, 16 days:
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 12lbs 10oz
Head Circumference: 41.8cm
She loved the crinkly exam paper, so we did some quick tummy time while waiting for the doctor!
The aftermath.  2 shots in each leg, and a good nap/cuddle in the Moby wrap while I made dinner.
Winter storm Altas (since when did we start naming winter storms??) did a number on us, and dropped 31" of snow on our town.  Surrounding areas got up to 51"+, power was out to over 40,000 people, and most importantly (devestatingly actually) thousands of livestock were killed.  We were fortunate to have both sets of parents in town, mine living a few miles from us, so B ventured out in the storm and took me and E to my parents house.  The power went out at our house while we were gone, and stayed out for nearly 24hours.  B was a hero (as usual!) and worked 24 hours straight with the department, shoveling out stuck vehicles, answering emergency calls and being all around awesome.  Needless to say, he was incredibly tired when his shift was over, and slept for quite a while before trudging through the drifts to get me and E.
E and I had a great time during the storm.  My parents have a wood burning fireplace, so the power outage didnt effect our heat or food source (we cooked soup on top of the fireplace!), and fortunately the power was only out for a few hours.  E loved the attention, 3 people to play with and love on her for 2 days straight! 
We weathered the storm a lot better than most, but here are a few photos of our experience :) 
Here's E's first time in her little snowsuit.  She wasn't impressed to be stuck in her carseat, basically unable to move but she was nice and toasty!
playing in a new toy at Gma and Gpa's house. In a diaper becuase we are classy.  (actually, she was in a diaper becuase she had gone through the three extra outfits i had brought with, and we needed to wash them!) 
We usually bring the Bumbo chair with us when we head to either Gparents house, but it wasn't a necessity during the storm so we had to improvise. Yes, she is sitting in a booster seat, with a boppy wedged around her, while in a captains chair.  Classy? questionable.  Effective? definitely!
Spending some quality time with Gma. (yes, she's pooping)
Viewing the start of the snowstorm from her changing table.  You'd think with the size of her eyes, and how ridiculously bright it is, she'd not want to look outside, but no. not our baby :) 
Sound asleep in daddy's arms on our walk home 
Some of the aftermath in our neighborhood.  The tree damage was awful all around town! 
In other news, she is making developmental strides all over the place!
This photo doesn't do her justice, but she is getting MUCH better at sitting up on her own!  Granted, she will get excited and flex her tummy and then tip herself over from the excitement, but it is fun to watch her discover this new skill.
Ever since she started sleeping in her sleep sack, she has become a little Houdini.  I went to get her out of bed, unzipped the sleep sack, and found this!  No idea how she got both feet out of her jammies, but she did somehow! 
 E wearing a new hat that a good friend of mine from college gave us.  We've had this in the closet since i was only a few months pregnant, so we are excited it fits!
This is my typical view of our sweet girl now.  She loves to lay on her back and play with her feet!  she grabs her toes all the time.
She wore ruffly socks and shoes to church this past Sunday :)  Didnt last long though, she fell asleep in the carseat during our grocery run after church and somehow had a blow out that spilled out all over her carseat.   Goodbye cute outfit =/
A new favorite photo of our sweet girl. love her smile!  (this also shows, her eyes are still grey-ish but look green in certain outfits and lighting.  still not sure what they will end up, but it is fun watching her looks change as the days go by)
She recently discovered how to clasp her hands together and does so all the time.  if you put your hand out with fingers splayed, she will try to hold your hand.   
She also LOVES her teething ring.  She isn't actually teething yet (that we can tell) but she drools like a fool and loves to chew on anything.  This was at lunch yesterday.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pumpkin festival

A few weekends ago we were able to go to the Downtown Pumpkin Festival.  In years past, we've never gone becuase it is largely geared towards children, but since we are apparently grownups? have a baby, we decided to make a day of it, and it was fun!  Local vendors had booths set up with fall goodies for sale (pumpkin brownie bar anyone?), lots of arts and crafts and there were pumpkins galore to purchase.  There was even a pumpkin weigh off contest, and some of them were huge!  All in all it was a fun day, and we will definitely go back next year :)
We had to start the day off with a headband, but after a few photos, it was a little chilly, so we were able to use the adorable pumpkin hat that GGma Schere made little E!

 A sweet lady offered to take a photo of the three of us, but trying to get E to look at the camera was a little difficult.  Its the thought that counts though, right?

Here is one of the massive pumpkins in the weigh off contest. The winning pumpkin this year was 955.8lbs!

Love this photo of her :) She did great at the festival. so many things to look at, and she loved every second of it!

So many fun new experiences with her in our lives and we love every minute of it.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

4 months

Our sweet Emerson is 4 months old!

Her sleep patterns are becoming more regular, she eats 4oz at a time (sometimes more), sits up like a champ, can roll from her belly to her back (either direction), doesn't have teeth yet, but LOVES to chew gum on her hands, arms, toys, fingers anything near her mouth.  She is getting better control of her hands and recently began to reach out and grab things with intention.  She has giggled lightly, but no true 'baby belly laughs' yet. She fits solidly into 3 month clothing, with the occasional 6mo item thrown in.  She smiles wider than ever, clearly knows who her mommy and daddy are, and LOVES to be outside. Her volume level is steadily increasing and she frequently screams in delight. She loves to be in the thick of things, but is also a very careful observer of new things/situations.  Always the wide eyed baby, she rarely misses anything.

I dont have height and weight stats to update, she has her four month appointment in a few weeks and i'll update this then. She also has to get more shots :(
Here is our sweet girl at 4 months.
Our life with little E, a photo montage of late :)

Our adventures on the sleep front have made HUGE improvements!  she wakes to eat in the middle of the night, and may stir a few times here and there, but on the whole, we as a family get way more sleep than we use to! 

An interesting development in light of her sleeping unswaddled- she is an incredibly mobile sleeper! Each night she will kick her feet up and then swing them over so she tips to her side, and then falls asleep like that.  Some nights require more tipping over than others, and she scoots her way around her crib.  The photo below shows how far she scoots each night.  (i laid her down parallel to the crib, with her head facing out the right side of the photo. she had rotated almost 90 degrees). Last night she rotated a full 180, and once she is able to roll from back to front, i'm pretty sure she'll be  a stomach sleeper.

The headbands that E has worn since she was born are rapidly getting too small, so i've started to make some new ones for her :) This one is made out of two pairs of tights!  its fun to expirement with things, and i got them at a steal of a deal, so its even better :)

Here she is in another headband i made :)  Also, this is how she sits in the mornings when B and I get ready for work.  She sits like a champ in the Bumbo and seems to love the view!

Here is another headband that we made- Gma Dobbs did this one :)

She likes the teething rings, but doesn't like them when frozen.  I'm told this will change once she is actually teething, but for now, she likes to chew on them anyway :)

GGma Scherer (great grandma)  made this adorable pumpkin hat for E and it fits perfectly!  The timing couldn't have been better either, we have a local pumpkin festival this past weekend and she was able to wear it. Thanks GGma!

Sitting with dad at the festival.

I also bought her this adorable hat at the festival. all ready for winter!

In additional family memory makings this weekend, we went to the annual Buffalo Roundup.  The weather was quite chilly, and E slept through the entire thing, but we got some great photos :)

I went in to get her the other morning and when I unzipped her sleep sack, this is what I found.  Not sure how she managed to get her leg entirely out of her jammies, but she did somehow..

We are in the middle of the worst snow storm i can remember, and yesterday daddy made waffles for breakfast, and E wanted to help.  She played with the measuring spoon for a minute but it wasn't long before it made it into her mouth.

She is so close to rolling from back to belly!  She lays on her side like this all the time, but wont kick her legs over to complete the motion.  I'm sure when she really wants to, she will, but for now, we spend a lot of time like this. 

There is our sweet girl in a nutshell :)