Saturday, October 5, 2013

4 months

Our sweet Emerson is 4 months old!

Her sleep patterns are becoming more regular, she eats 4oz at a time (sometimes more), sits up like a champ, can roll from her belly to her back (either direction), doesn't have teeth yet, but LOVES to chew gum on her hands, arms, toys, fingers anything near her mouth.  She is getting better control of her hands and recently began to reach out and grab things with intention.  She has giggled lightly, but no true 'baby belly laughs' yet. She fits solidly into 3 month clothing, with the occasional 6mo item thrown in.  She smiles wider than ever, clearly knows who her mommy and daddy are, and LOVES to be outside. Her volume level is steadily increasing and she frequently screams in delight. She loves to be in the thick of things, but is also a very careful observer of new things/situations.  Always the wide eyed baby, she rarely misses anything.

I dont have height and weight stats to update, she has her four month appointment in a few weeks and i'll update this then. She also has to get more shots :(
Here is our sweet girl at 4 months.
Our life with little E, a photo montage of late :)

Our adventures on the sleep front have made HUGE improvements!  she wakes to eat in the middle of the night, and may stir a few times here and there, but on the whole, we as a family get way more sleep than we use to! 

An interesting development in light of her sleeping unswaddled- she is an incredibly mobile sleeper! Each night she will kick her feet up and then swing them over so she tips to her side, and then falls asleep like that.  Some nights require more tipping over than others, and she scoots her way around her crib.  The photo below shows how far she scoots each night.  (i laid her down parallel to the crib, with her head facing out the right side of the photo. she had rotated almost 90 degrees). Last night she rotated a full 180, and once she is able to roll from back to front, i'm pretty sure she'll be  a stomach sleeper.

The headbands that E has worn since she was born are rapidly getting too small, so i've started to make some new ones for her :) This one is made out of two pairs of tights!  its fun to expirement with things, and i got them at a steal of a deal, so its even better :)

Here she is in another headband i made :)  Also, this is how she sits in the mornings when B and I get ready for work.  She sits like a champ in the Bumbo and seems to love the view!

Here is another headband that we made- Gma Dobbs did this one :)

She likes the teething rings, but doesn't like them when frozen.  I'm told this will change once she is actually teething, but for now, she likes to chew on them anyway :)

GGma Scherer (great grandma)  made this adorable pumpkin hat for E and it fits perfectly!  The timing couldn't have been better either, we have a local pumpkin festival this past weekend and she was able to wear it. Thanks GGma!

Sitting with dad at the festival.

I also bought her this adorable hat at the festival. all ready for winter!

In additional family memory makings this weekend, we went to the annual Buffalo Roundup.  The weather was quite chilly, and E slept through the entire thing, but we got some great photos :)

I went in to get her the other morning and when I unzipped her sleep sack, this is what I found.  Not sure how she managed to get her leg entirely out of her jammies, but she did somehow..

We are in the middle of the worst snow storm i can remember, and yesterday daddy made waffles for breakfast, and E wanted to help.  She played with the measuring spoon for a minute but it wasn't long before it made it into her mouth.

She is so close to rolling from back to belly!  She lays on her side like this all the time, but wont kick her legs over to complete the motion.  I'm sure when she really wants to, she will, but for now, we spend a lot of time like this. 

There is our sweet girl in a nutshell :)


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