About Me

I'm Lyndsey, He's Brandon, add our daughter Emerson and our fur baby Copper and you've got a glimpse of our wonderful family.  I was blessed enough to not only find my one and only that God had chosen for me, but he was crazy enough to ask me to be his wife.  We have been married since 2010 and while life has thrown us through the ringer a few times, i couldn't imagine a better partner to take this journey with.
In September of 2012 we found out we were expecting our first baby.

 And in May of 2013 we welcomed our beautiful daughter Emerson into the world and our hearts.

As a lover of all things word related, I'm an English major by trade but a Marketing DIrector by day.  As a lover of all things manly and gun related, B is in law enforcement.  And as a lover of all things squishy, bright and sparkly, Emerson is a baby and loves everything.  Copper is a true hunting dog through and through and loves the outdoors, birds of any sort and plays fetch with the best of them.
We are incredibly happy with our life, but look forward to the days/months/years ahead.  Thanks for joining us on our journey, taken mainly through the lense of a camera phone :)

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