Tuesday, May 28, 2013

39 weeks

We are literally in the last stages of the pregnancy, and I for one couldn't be more relived.  Yes, things have gone well overall, me and the baby have been very healthy throughout all tests and hit major milestones with ease, but i can safely say that i am SO OVER being pregnant!  The constant trips to the bathroom, needing assistance to get in/out of the car, not being able to pick up anything that i drop on the floor, having to mentally prepare myself to sit up from a laying down position, and from a sitting position to standing up.  Not having my belly hang out of literally every shirt i own (yes including maternity ones) and having to borrow B's t-shirts. Having to adjust the table away from my body so me and the baby can fit in the booth at restaurants (this has happened at least 3 separate times). and hearing '..oh gosh your poor feet..' (literally hear this 5x a day)
However- with all the 'negatives' of the last few weeks/days of pregnancy, I will be the first to admit that we are incredibly blessed to have been on this journey and are so excited for the next step.  All the preparations we have made/done are now at the precipice of reality, and while I frequently we occasionally have our freak out moments (me more than B), being parents is something we know we were made to be.  Knowing that sooo soon we will add mom & dad titles to our name, and be responsible for a little person that we created (with God's help!) is an indescribable feeling.  There are so many new things we will see/experience with this new chapter of our lives and while it is terrifying, it is also incredibly exciting.

me and Baby A at 39 weeks. Copper decided to join the photo shoot- he looks thrilled doesn't he?
 How far along? 39 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Our doctor is on vacation still, so our weekly appt got moved to Thursday.  I wouldn't be surprised if i tipped the scaled +40lbs heavier =/.  As difficult a hurdle as the weight gain was/has been, I know it is necessary weight (and a TON of water weight). Seriously, i have about 3lbs of water per foot right now.
Maternity clothes? Absolutely.   
Stretch marks? Still none and keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way!
Best moment this week: The nursery is finished, the car seats are installed and now all we need is a baby to make it complete :)
Miss anything: Having normal looking/feeling feet. The skin is so tight and no matter how much water i drink, it doesn't seem to help! Our Dr. even comments on them every time I go in for an appointment.. ugh.
Movement:  Space is at a higher premium than ever right now, and I can tell the baby doesn't like the contractions.  After each one, he/she does barrel rolls and makes it known that what just happened was not enjoyable. (welcome to the club kid!)
Food cravings: I still LOVE popsicles
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet:  haha this is funny. of course I have.
Gender: We are still team green!
Labor Signs: Contractions are happening on a more regular basis- the past few nights they hit for a few hours at a time, about 15 minutes apart.  Still not ready to call/visit the hospital as a result, but I can tell that things are progressing, just with how I'm feeling.
Belly Button in or out? Still ridiculously flat
Wedding rings on or off? I've had to remove the 'stand-in' one i purchased, even that one is too small now :(
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy.  Impatient. Anxiously excited!
Looking forward to: Baby A's arrival!!!

My older sister and nephews are in town for a few weeks and spending time with them has been great.  we had dinner with them over the weekend and the gorgeous weather called for a fire pit and smores (which Ambrose clearly enjoyed)

Both B and my vehicles have been cleaned and carseat bases are installed.  We ordered one extra base so transferring the whole family from one car to another would be easier. It is so surreal looking in the rear-view mirror and seeing it back there!  I have a mirror that attaches to the headrest, so that still needs to be installed, but short of that, we are ready for baby!

While we still don't know the gender of Baby A yet, i found a quick and easy tutorial on making these adorable fabric flowers.  They can be added to onsies, headbands, made into hair clips, etc.  Even if we end up with a little boy, these will be fun personalized gifts to give to someone. and if we end up with a girl, she will look adorable in them :)

We took a trip to Reptile Gardens yesterday.  Even though it poured the entire time, we had fun inside the glass dome looking at bugs, snakes, frogs, crocodiles and other reptile like things.  Here's a photo of me, Baby A, Ambrose and Bram. Baby's getting huge!

That's all for this week.  Like i said, hopefully this is the last update of baby in-utero, but if not, there's always next week..

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby A's Nursery

In light of the fact that we didnt find out the gender of Baby Akley, trying to decide on nursery colors and a theme proved a little difficult.  I had started a gender neutral-ish baby quilt in our church quilting class before i found out i was pregnant, and decided to selfishly keep it for our own baby.  It was my first baby quilt after all..

The paint colors however have varied widely over the recent months.  When we first got around to painting, I knew we needed something that was gender neutral-ish, and we went with a vibrant royal blue with grey walls. The color inspiration came from a lamp that i had found for the former guest room and knew i wanted to use in the nursery.  I found a color that closely matched it, but once it was on the walls.. not good.  The second color we tried was a lighter green. It was sort of mint/sort of sage, and all sorts of wrong.  The grey color we chose was terrible too.  How you can mess up grey paint, I dont know, but it was a very pale grey and looked almost blurple (blue and purple together = blurple).  Knowing the green was the worse of the two evils, we decided to start from scratch and paint the wall an off white color, and found a new grey that we liked, and now the nursery is a fabulously gender neutral grey with a white accent wall.

We knew the furniture selection needed to be good because the bedrooms in the crackerjack cozy house we own are slightly on the smaller side.  My dad works as a civilian out at the airforce base and found a great crib out there that we had been eyeing at Target, and I found a changing table on Craigslist that needed a little bit of love.  After a little bit of searching, we also found a glider and automan set that compliments the rest of the furniture but is also ridiculously comfortable.  All of these pieces are a great dark espresso finish, and work well with the wall color.

There are so many family touches in the nursery, and I love every single one! I made the quilt and artwork, the white crochet blanket and pink and blue bear in the crib are from Great Grandma Scherer, the glider chair and automan are from Gma and Gpa Dobbs, the green/blue/brown blanket on the chair was made by Gma Akley, and the books next to the chair were all given to us from friends and family at our recent baby shower at Gma and Gpa Akley's. The changing table was given a fabulous facelift by Gpa Dobbs and the changing pad ontop was made by Gma Dobbs.

Copper has taken to sleeping in the doorway of the
nursery during the evenings.  Just to keep things safe ;)

Now onto the quilt I made.  As you can see, there are varying colors that scream one gender or the other, but combined all together, I think they work out well. (if you feel otherwise, kindly keep those comments to yourself ;) )
I knew the general overall size I wanted the quilt to be, but somehow (had to be God) we ended up measuring perfectly!  Literally- the quilt touches either end (length wise) of the crib, and is long enough to hang down about 8 inches on either side. 
Knowing that we needed additional color in the room, and something to make it look more "baby" than adult, I decided to make a rug from a tutorial i found on Pinterest.  While i got the general gyst from the tutorial, all in all it was a terrible one!  The project took me roughly 3-4 weeks when all was said and done, but i love the way it turned out.  It gives the carpet an added comfy look, and helps warm the room up just a smidge.  

You can see that i used the same fabric as the quilt (which was on sale at the store- score!), and there is really no pattern to speak of, so it has been great mindless work while watching tv. I found out that each row took me roughly 30 minutes to thread, and as you can see, there were about eleventy billion rows that need to be completed.  It took forever, but was one of the many labors of love that went into the nursery, and I love the way it turned out.   
Also, while we were working on the nursery a few weekends ago, I turned around and saw Copper sleeping on the rug I made!  Good to know it is big brother approved, but i'll have to find a way to wash it prior to the baby's arrival.  When we are home in the evenings and he's not in the living room, I'll go on the hunt to find him, and he'll be sound asleep on the rug.  He can definitely sense that something is about to happen, and he watches/patrolls the nursery on a daily basis.  LOVE it.

The changing table I found on Craigslist started off as a natural pine color, and after attempting to sand down one side of it, Gpa Dobbs volunteered to take over help. He took absolutely everything apart, sanded it down, filled some of the big scratches and other yucky bits, and then stained it to match the crib. Gma made the changing pad and cover for the top and we are all set. LOVE the way it turned out! 

I hunted and hunted to find some baskets that would work in the changing table and I FINALLY found some! Yes, i know we have a closet to help keep things in, but I knew that I'd want diapers/wipes/rags and other things easily accessible, so baskets were a natural fit. Also, the bottom two bins will hold toys later on, so the baby will have easy instant access. Now I know the blue is obviously more boy than girl, but I just loved the color contrast. These are from Michaels (I know, I was shocked too!) and they were even on sale.

Again, the color scheme of storage bins in the closet looks much more boy than girl, but my thought was that these two colors will wear well over time (no matter what random items I find to fill them with!).  It also has hints of the camo colored tones that B says is his favorite color, so it works well all around!  The little label tags that they sell at Target were an ingenous idea, so i can easily glance in the closet and know what each bin holds. Love me some organization.
The closet is filled with awesome clothes for both girl and boy (hence why it looks so ridiculously full), but if you look closely enough, you can see the dividers that I made :)

The entire top of the closet is filled with diapers from our recent baby shower at Gma and Gpa Akley's.  The theme was books and diapers, and people were sooo generous!  We have a good supply of diapers to last us for a bit and the most awesome part- we got at least 3-4 boxes of each size!
The color scheme and other decorations fell into place much easier than the artwork did.  I knew that I wanted something 'baby' (obviously) but nothing that was too kiddy.  I looked for artwork from the get go, and not finding anything I liked, I turned to Etsy for inspiration.  I found a few ideas that I liked, and combined them into what is now hanging on the walls.  The colors of the paper were pulled to match the quilt, and the greys are different from one another, but work well together.  For once, things came out exactly like i pictured in my mind, and i love it!
T-minus 2 weeks until our due date and things are coming together!  We have had fun getting things put together for him/her and can't wait to put it all to use!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

38 weeks

8 weeks (10/23/12)
18 weeks (1/1/13)

38 weeks (5/21/13)
28 weeks (3/12/13)

Man alive what a difference time makes!  The pregnancy as it has progressed- 10 weeks at a time :)  At least we have a healthy baby growing in there!

How far along? 38 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +36lbs.  In the grand scheme of things, I thought this would surely be higher (esp. considering the baby can grow up to a 1/2lb a week at this point!), but maybe I'm just leveling out. (which I would not be heartbroken about!)
Maternity clothes? Absolutely. The weather here has taken a random turn towards Seattle Spring the past few days, so the dresses/skirts/flip flops i was previously rocking aren't quite warm enough.  I'd break out the rain boots and trod through the puddles, but sadly, I can't get my feet in them =/. Not kidding.   
Stretch marks? Still none and keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way!
Best moment this week: Our 2nd baby shower at Gma and Gpa Akley's house!  We had a great turnout of family and friends, people were so generous to Baby A, and the time spent with those who love us and our new addition was so nice.  A post will follow on this shortly.
Miss anything: Having normal looking/feeling feet. The skin is so tight and no matter how much water i drink, it doesn't seem to help!  Our Dr. even comments on them every time I go in for an appointment.. ugh.
Movement:  All.Day.Long.  I can definitely tell the sleep cycles that the baby has, and I'm hoping these stay true once he/she arrives.
Food cravings: This could be considered a craving- but lately I can't get enough popsicles!! I eat at least two per day. They can't be that bad for me (minus all the sugar) but I justify it with the fact that I'm getting extra fluids when i eat them. lol
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: We are still team green!
Labor Signs: The baby is still head down/face down and ready for departure, but at our appointment today I wasn't as dilated as I had hoped to be :( It is likely for the best though- our Dr. is going to NY for the long holiday weekend and will be gone Saturday-Wednesday, so we need him/her to hang in there at least until next Wednesday so we dont deliver with a stranger!
Belly Button in or out? Still ridiculously flat
Wedding rings on or off? I've had to remove the 'stand-in' one i purchased, even that one is too small now :(
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but occasionally getting grumpy.
Looking forward to: Meeting him or her!  Now that the second shower has happened and B is back in town from all his work training, Baby A is welcome to make his/her appearance at anytime! 
Our maternity photo album is up! Thanks again to our friend Kayla for taking them for us- they turned out great!  Enjoy.
Other happenings this week:
Yes, I am that pregnant lady who rests food/drinks on my belly.  Works pretty well if you ask me :)
I went with a good friend to get another pedicure :)  MUCH better than the last one I got, the foot massage made my entire day.  The glass is full of cucumber water not wine, dont worry!

Looking for fun  ways to personalize the nursery (and help keep things organized) I made these small clothes hanger/divider things for the closet.  Works pretty well, and was a cheap project!
Yes, that is a Mary Kay makeup compact that I dropped in the toilet first thing yesterday morning.  Happy Monday to all =/

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

37 weeks- Full term!!

We are at 37 weeks today and that means we are officially full term!  Yes, the baby still has a few more weeks to chubb up of much needed growing to do (primarily lung function, perfecting the sucking/swallowing reflexes and a few other things) but if he or she were to make their appearance tomorrow, the chances of survival are extremely high, and our chances of spending time in the NICU are drastically low. 
Knowing we are so close to meeting our little one is so unbelievably terrifying exciting, and the anticipation of finding out whether we have a son or daughter in there has been killing me lately!  There are so many fun outfits and toys and accessory things that I need want and if we knew whether we had a blue or pink, things would be a smidge easier.  No, I dont regret in the least not finding out the gender- it will be an amazing surprise on Delivery Day- but just saying- a few things could've been easier had we known ;)
Our appointment today went great.  B was unable to make it due to work, but at this point a lot of what happens is slightly anticlimactic if its not happening to you (at least I'm pretty sure thats how I'd feel if I had do sit through some of the stuff he has!  He's a trooper, I tell you).  We did one final ultrasound to see how things look, and all was great!  The baby is head down, face down, and veeery stubborn.  Dr. D. tried to get a look at his or her face, but there was no budging.  We got a good look at the heart, kidneys, bladder, spine/ribcage and feet.  The heartbeat was nice and strong, all fluids were normal and she guestimated the size of the baby to be between 5 1/2 and 6lbs.  Based on the ultrasound though, he or she has quite large feet- they are roughly 7cm (that's approx. 3 inches!).  Its a good thing Gma and Gpa Akley have a boat, I seem to be growing a baby platypus in there ;)
How far along? 37 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +35.2lbs. I find it ironic that the weight gain was such a huge deal at the beginning, and now that I'm in a certain 'weight class', it doesn't quite phase me as much. Thats not to say that I dont have a breakdown on a daily basis every so often, but on the whole, I think I'm doing much better with it.
Maternity clothes? Absolutely. I am living in dresses and skirts lately, and it has been gloriously comfortable (or as comfortable as you can be when you're 37 weeks pregnant).  The flip flops have made a huge different in the comfort level of my feet, but i can definitely tell the difference in swelling at the end of the night when i take them off!  At the rate I'm going though, I'm hoping that the water retention starts to slow down soon or i'll be walking around with slippers on.    
Stretch marks? Still none and keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way!
Best moment this week: At our 37 week appointment today, we had our final ultrasound! Granted, the baby is big enough now that some of the details weren't as visible in 2D as they have been in the past, but seeing our little one growing and thriving in there was such an amazing sight!
Miss anything: Having normal looking/feeling feet.  The skin is so tight and no matter how much water i drink, it doesn't seem to help
Movement:  Not only is it very visible, but when the baby moves to one side or another, my stomach gets wicked lopsided as a result.  Its so funny to feel a somewhat squishy side (where the baby isn't) and then a rock hard ball/bump where the baby is. 
Food cravings: This could be considered a craving- but lately I can't get enough popsicles!! I eat at least two per day. They can't be that bad for me (minus all the sugar) but I justify it with the fact that I'm getting extra fluids when i eat them. lol
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: We are still team green!
Labor Signs: The baby is head down and face down, which is what we want when it comes time to deliver. I'm also at a 1 right now, so not at any major risk for pre-term labor, but you never know! He/she needs to stay cooking at least until next Sunday so we can make it through the baby shower without any issues!
Belly Button in or out? Still ridiculously flat
Wedding rings on or off? I've had to remove the 'stand-in' one i purchased, even that one is too small now :(
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but occasionally getting grumpy.
Looking forward to: Our baby shower at Gma and Gpa Akley's this weekend! It will be catered by Qdoba (YUM!) and from what i know, there are fun games (both indoor and outdoor) planned. Events like this just reinforce how blessed we are to have such awesome family and friends, and that they want to share this amazing journey of our lives with us is such a great feeling!  I"ll be sure to take photos of the day and will post about it when I can.
Woah baby. 37 weeks today
 Its been a bit since I've posted a 'regular clothes' photo of me and Baby A, so here we are at 37 weeks.  I meant to take one on Mother's Day, but in the hectic-ness of getting up to the lake after church, i spaced it!

our new addition to the back yard patio
 Summertime is kind of a big deal around our house; we love the outdoors and all that comes with it.  We have been looking for a fire pit for some time now, and found this baby on sale at Menards and knew we had to jump on it! There is something awesomely relaxing about sitting in-front of a fire, and the countless smores we plan on making sound pretty awesome too.  It made a great addition to our back patio and we can't wait to get many hours of enjoyment out of it in the coming years.

We try to go on walks in the evenings with Copper (to work out some of his pent up energy and to get me some much needed exercise!), and often stop at the elementary school playground near our house.  These last few weeks of time spent 'just the two of us' are precious, and we are soaking up all the together time that we can until Baby A makes their appearance!
 While I knew it was coming up, and knew we needed to celebrate our own mothers, I got to celebrate my first Mothers Day this past Sunday. I wasn't sure if I qualified this year or not, seeing as how Baby A is still in utero, but my dad told me that I certainly qualified because I'm trying to do all the right things for the baby- so that makes me a mother :) Its so great to know that we will get to celebrate these holidays in the coming years, and that B will get to celebrate Father's Day next month with our new little one!!
We spent Mother's day on the lake this year with Gma and Gpa Akley and Gpa Dobbs and it was great.  The sunburn I got- not so much- but spending time with loved ones was awesome.  Even though my mom was in another state, she was being celebrated in person by my brother, and we were thinking of her from far away.  We are so blessed to have both our moms in our lives, and the roles that they play (and have played) are invaluable. The examples they have set for us in being a good example, role model, best friend, spouse and mother could not be better, and we are so appreciative of them both! Love you guys :)

Mothers Day 2013


Friday, May 10, 2013

Baby Shower #1

As I mentioned previously, my fabulous co-workers generously offered to put together a baby shower for us.  It was held this past Thursday at the office, and we had a good turnout, received many fantastic gifts and had a great time socializing and spending time together.

A few things I learned from the shower:
1) I am blessed with great co-workers and friends.
2) The baby got some SWEET gifts.
3) Pregnancy Brain strikes me randomly and very hard! (I kept calling bottle cleaning brushes "bottle warmers" =/)
4) I am not photogenic at all.  Nearly every photo of me opening a gift, I'm either talking, laughing, blinking or looking some other form of ridiculous. 

Example #1:
Example #2

A few photos from the day:


It fits!

The front of a fabulous baby blanket that Gma Akley made!  Minkie and Flannel- it will be so warm and is incredibly soft! It is sitting in the blanket basket awaiting Baby A's arrival, but to be honest.. i may have to take a nap with it  just to make sure it is as comfortable as I think it is. ;)
Love love love it! 
 The adorable onsie 'cupcakes' and 'lollipop' from Gma Dobbs. Each is a onsie with a sock (or pair) in the middle. One set for a boy and one set for a girl. Love!
We got so many amazing gifts, one of which was a diaper cake that my friend Sarah made!  I've seen them before, but never in person.  She stuffed it full of travel sized baby goodies and included some onsies as well. Such a great gift!

 The fabulous shower hosts- my good friends Shannon and Erin.    

The three four of us.  Gma Akley, me, baby Akley and Gma Dobbs.
The haul from the day.
Blessed? Why yes, I would certainly say we are :)
We have another baby shower coming up in a few weeks at Gma and Gpa Akley's that I am super excited about.  (not excited to be nearly 38 weeks pregnant at it) but it will be a great time.  Outdoors, good food, games, company, and general merriment all around. 

We will have a 3rd shower at my parent's church shortly after the baby is born as well.  (I grew up in this church so it will be fun to see everyone again and show off our new addition.)

Lots planned over the coming weeks, but we are so excited and feel incredibly blessed to share this time with family and friends.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

36 weeks

We are to the point in the pregnancy where I am nearly full term, and I'm so relieved.  Things have gone great so far, but I'm becoming more and more uncomfortable as the days go by.  We still have some important growing/maturing to do in there though, so as long as I'm not overdue, I'm happy to still be pregnant. 
Copper has been very attentive to me throughout the pregnancy (it was a trigger early on that I was pregnant), and the closer we get to the finish line, he is even more so. He follows me everywhere, sits by my feet when we are watching tv, and now that B is working the overnight shift, Copper sleeps in the thresh-hold of our bedroom door- just in case.  We've done some reading on how to introduce a dog to a newborn, but we know he will be a great big brother!
We will visit our doctor on a weekly basis from now until Baby A makes his/her appearance and it is so crazy!  I remember at the beginning when we saw her once a month and we had 30+ weeks left.. now we are at once a month visits and only have 4 weeks to go!  It has flown by (at times) but we are so ready for this next step :)
Our 36 week appointment went great today, baby A has a nice strong heartbeat (fluctuated between 140-150), I'm measuring right on track and from other measurements/tests of some unmentionables, I am not at risk for any pre-term labor.  Things are progressing great and it was music to my ears :)

Sorry for the poor photo quality.. B is at a training a few hours away so I had to do the pregnant lady shuffle 'set the camera timer and run' to get the photo and then crop it from there.  You get the idea of the baby's size from the amount of shirt my belly is slowly eating..

How far along? 36 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +32.8lbs I finally tipped the scale into the weight I thought I would, but surprisingly enough, I didn't cry.  Its all baby weight and I've tried to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy, so whatever my body gains i guess I need it.
Maternity clothes? Absolutely.  it is FINALLY nice enough to transition into dresses and skirts and I'm so excited!  I've out swollen grown every pair of shoes I own (aside from my slippers), and have been regulated to being barefoot at home and wearing flip flops at the office.  Not the most professional, but its better than not wearing shoes at all (which is my absolute preference!)
Stretch marks? Still none and keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way!
Best moment this week: We took our birthing class at the dr's office, and while the class didnt really teach us anything we didn't already know, it was good to see/meet other pregnant ladies and know we aren't alone in what we are going through.  We also got a good hospital tour, and that helped ease a few of my nerves on certain things.
Miss anything: having normal looking/feeling hands and feet.  When I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, my feet always have that 'pins & needles' feeling, and when i first wake up in the morning, my knuckles get temporarily stuck in a fist position.
Movement:  When watching my stomach from the outside, the movement is very apparent!  The hiccups are now visible from the outside as well. 
Food cravings: I'm not really "craving" anything at the moment. I'm not a picky eater though, so I guess I could say FOOD in general is a craving.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: We are still team green!
Labor Signs: Dr. D checked and all is cooking as planned, and as of right now, I'm not at risk for any pre-term labor.  The baby has been head down for the past few weeks so keep your fingers crossed that he/she doesn't flip on us!
Belly Button in or out? Still ridiculously flat
Wedding rings on or off? I've had to remove the 'stand-in' one i purchased, even that one is too small now :(
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: Meeting him or her!
A few funny moments this week:
 I'm to the point where I'm undeniably pregnant and people are starting to take notice.  I was at Lowe's looking at some shelving units and a worker stopped by and asked if i was doing ok/if i needed anything.  I said no thank you, and he told me "Ok, well when you find out what you need, you let me know.  I dont want you to try and lift anything and have that baby here in the middle of the aisle". When i got home and told B the story, he jokingly said "what would they say if that happened? 'Clean up in Aisle 4'?"  lol, thanks for the support honey.
At another trip to Lowe's, I was again standing in the shelving section and absent mindedly rubbing my stomach while trying to make a decision of what to buy.  A man walks down the aisle towards me and asks with a smile on his face "how are the two of you doing today?"  :) Loved it!
I took Copper on a walk to get me some much needed exercise to work off some of his pent up energy and and we stopped at the playground of the elementary school near our house.  I was throwing the ball with the Chuck-It and these little girls came up and asked to pet/play with Copper.  One reached out and gently rubbed my belly and told me "you look pregnant like my auntie.  But she's alot bigger.."  Made my day, but I"m sure her auntie would've been bummed to hear it!
When doing shopping of any sort (Target, Sam's Club, groceries, etc.) the workers dont even ask if i need help out, they just make the call to send someone with me to help me load my purchases into the car.  So considerate :)
 In other awesome news, I had signed up on the Similac and Enfamil sites a while ago, figuring I might get some coupons or a sample bottle or two, but these babies arrived in the mail in the past week and I was shocked! 4 full size cans of formula, 4 "to go" bottle packs, a bottle and $40 in coupons!! Woohoo I love me a good freebie!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Maternity photos

Our good friend Kayla took our maternity photos recently, and we LOVE how they turned out!  She did such a great job and captured so many great moments between the two three soon to be four of us.  If you're in our area and need a photographer, we highly recommend her!
Here's her website: http://kaylarosephotography.smugmug.com/ She will have a gallery of more later, but for now here's a sneek peak!
She will also be the one taking the little one's newborn photos! 
Enjoy :)