Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby A's Nursery

In light of the fact that we didnt find out the gender of Baby Akley, trying to decide on nursery colors and a theme proved a little difficult.  I had started a gender neutral-ish baby quilt in our church quilting class before i found out i was pregnant, and decided to selfishly keep it for our own baby.  It was my first baby quilt after all..

The paint colors however have varied widely over the recent months.  When we first got around to painting, I knew we needed something that was gender neutral-ish, and we went with a vibrant royal blue with grey walls. The color inspiration came from a lamp that i had found for the former guest room and knew i wanted to use in the nursery.  I found a color that closely matched it, but once it was on the walls.. not good.  The second color we tried was a lighter green. It was sort of mint/sort of sage, and all sorts of wrong.  The grey color we chose was terrible too.  How you can mess up grey paint, I dont know, but it was a very pale grey and looked almost blurple (blue and purple together = blurple).  Knowing the green was the worse of the two evils, we decided to start from scratch and paint the wall an off white color, and found a new grey that we liked, and now the nursery is a fabulously gender neutral grey with a white accent wall.

We knew the furniture selection needed to be good because the bedrooms in the crackerjack cozy house we own are slightly on the smaller side.  My dad works as a civilian out at the airforce base and found a great crib out there that we had been eyeing at Target, and I found a changing table on Craigslist that needed a little bit of love.  After a little bit of searching, we also found a glider and automan set that compliments the rest of the furniture but is also ridiculously comfortable.  All of these pieces are a great dark espresso finish, and work well with the wall color.

There are so many family touches in the nursery, and I love every single one! I made the quilt and artwork, the white crochet blanket and pink and blue bear in the crib are from Great Grandma Scherer, the glider chair and automan are from Gma and Gpa Dobbs, the green/blue/brown blanket on the chair was made by Gma Akley, and the books next to the chair were all given to us from friends and family at our recent baby shower at Gma and Gpa Akley's. The changing table was given a fabulous facelift by Gpa Dobbs and the changing pad ontop was made by Gma Dobbs.

Copper has taken to sleeping in the doorway of the
nursery during the evenings.  Just to keep things safe ;)

Now onto the quilt I made.  As you can see, there are varying colors that scream one gender or the other, but combined all together, I think they work out well. (if you feel otherwise, kindly keep those comments to yourself ;) )
I knew the general overall size I wanted the quilt to be, but somehow (had to be God) we ended up measuring perfectly!  Literally- the quilt touches either end (length wise) of the crib, and is long enough to hang down about 8 inches on either side. 
Knowing that we needed additional color in the room, and something to make it look more "baby" than adult, I decided to make a rug from a tutorial i found on Pinterest.  While i got the general gyst from the tutorial, all in all it was a terrible one!  The project took me roughly 3-4 weeks when all was said and done, but i love the way it turned out.  It gives the carpet an added comfy look, and helps warm the room up just a smidge.  

You can see that i used the same fabric as the quilt (which was on sale at the store- score!), and there is really no pattern to speak of, so it has been great mindless work while watching tv. I found out that each row took me roughly 30 minutes to thread, and as you can see, there were about eleventy billion rows that need to be completed.  It took forever, but was one of the many labors of love that went into the nursery, and I love the way it turned out.   
Also, while we were working on the nursery a few weekends ago, I turned around and saw Copper sleeping on the rug I made!  Good to know it is big brother approved, but i'll have to find a way to wash it prior to the baby's arrival.  When we are home in the evenings and he's not in the living room, I'll go on the hunt to find him, and he'll be sound asleep on the rug.  He can definitely sense that something is about to happen, and he watches/patrolls the nursery on a daily basis.  LOVE it.

The changing table I found on Craigslist started off as a natural pine color, and after attempting to sand down one side of it, Gpa Dobbs volunteered to take over help. He took absolutely everything apart, sanded it down, filled some of the big scratches and other yucky bits, and then stained it to match the crib. Gma made the changing pad and cover for the top and we are all set. LOVE the way it turned out! 

I hunted and hunted to find some baskets that would work in the changing table and I FINALLY found some! Yes, i know we have a closet to help keep things in, but I knew that I'd want diapers/wipes/rags and other things easily accessible, so baskets were a natural fit. Also, the bottom two bins will hold toys later on, so the baby will have easy instant access. Now I know the blue is obviously more boy than girl, but I just loved the color contrast. These are from Michaels (I know, I was shocked too!) and they were even on sale.

Again, the color scheme of storage bins in the closet looks much more boy than girl, but my thought was that these two colors will wear well over time (no matter what random items I find to fill them with!).  It also has hints of the camo colored tones that B says is his favorite color, so it works well all around!  The little label tags that they sell at Target were an ingenous idea, so i can easily glance in the closet and know what each bin holds. Love me some organization.
The closet is filled with awesome clothes for both girl and boy (hence why it looks so ridiculously full), but if you look closely enough, you can see the dividers that I made :)

The entire top of the closet is filled with diapers from our recent baby shower at Gma and Gpa Akley's.  The theme was books and diapers, and people were sooo generous!  We have a good supply of diapers to last us for a bit and the most awesome part- we got at least 3-4 boxes of each size!
The color scheme and other decorations fell into place much easier than the artwork did.  I knew that I wanted something 'baby' (obviously) but nothing that was too kiddy.  I looked for artwork from the get go, and not finding anything I liked, I turned to Etsy for inspiration.  I found a few ideas that I liked, and combined them into what is now hanging on the walls.  The colors of the paper were pulled to match the quilt, and the greys are different from one another, but work well together.  For once, things came out exactly like i pictured in my mind, and i love it!
T-minus 2 weeks until our due date and things are coming together!  We have had fun getting things put together for him/her and can't wait to put it all to use!

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