Tuesday, May 21, 2013

38 weeks

8 weeks (10/23/12)
18 weeks (1/1/13)

38 weeks (5/21/13)
28 weeks (3/12/13)

Man alive what a difference time makes!  The pregnancy as it has progressed- 10 weeks at a time :)  At least we have a healthy baby growing in there!

How far along? 38 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +36lbs.  In the grand scheme of things, I thought this would surely be higher (esp. considering the baby can grow up to a 1/2lb a week at this point!), but maybe I'm just leveling out. (which I would not be heartbroken about!)
Maternity clothes? Absolutely. The weather here has taken a random turn towards Seattle Spring the past few days, so the dresses/skirts/flip flops i was previously rocking aren't quite warm enough.  I'd break out the rain boots and trod through the puddles, but sadly, I can't get my feet in them =/. Not kidding.   
Stretch marks? Still none and keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way!
Best moment this week: Our 2nd baby shower at Gma and Gpa Akley's house!  We had a great turnout of family and friends, people were so generous to Baby A, and the time spent with those who love us and our new addition was so nice.  A post will follow on this shortly.
Miss anything: Having normal looking/feeling feet. The skin is so tight and no matter how much water i drink, it doesn't seem to help!  Our Dr. even comments on them every time I go in for an appointment.. ugh.
Movement:  All.Day.Long.  I can definitely tell the sleep cycles that the baby has, and I'm hoping these stay true once he/she arrives.
Food cravings: This could be considered a craving- but lately I can't get enough popsicles!! I eat at least two per day. They can't be that bad for me (minus all the sugar) but I justify it with the fact that I'm getting extra fluids when i eat them. lol
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: We are still team green!
Labor Signs: The baby is still head down/face down and ready for departure, but at our appointment today I wasn't as dilated as I had hoped to be :( It is likely for the best though- our Dr. is going to NY for the long holiday weekend and will be gone Saturday-Wednesday, so we need him/her to hang in there at least until next Wednesday so we dont deliver with a stranger!
Belly Button in or out? Still ridiculously flat
Wedding rings on or off? I've had to remove the 'stand-in' one i purchased, even that one is too small now :(
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but occasionally getting grumpy.
Looking forward to: Meeting him or her!  Now that the second shower has happened and B is back in town from all his work training, Baby A is welcome to make his/her appearance at anytime! 
Our maternity photo album is up! Thanks again to our friend Kayla for taking them for us- they turned out great!  Enjoy.
Other happenings this week:
Yes, I am that pregnant lady who rests food/drinks on my belly.  Works pretty well if you ask me :)
I went with a good friend to get another pedicure :)  MUCH better than the last one I got, the foot massage made my entire day.  The glass is full of cucumber water not wine, dont worry!

Looking for fun  ways to personalize the nursery (and help keep things organized) I made these small clothes hanger/divider things for the closet.  Works pretty well, and was a cheap project!
Yes, that is a Mary Kay makeup compact that I dropped in the toilet first thing yesterday morning.  Happy Monday to all =/

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