Friday, May 10, 2013

Baby Shower #1

As I mentioned previously, my fabulous co-workers generously offered to put together a baby shower for us.  It was held this past Thursday at the office, and we had a good turnout, received many fantastic gifts and had a great time socializing and spending time together.

A few things I learned from the shower:
1) I am blessed with great co-workers and friends.
2) The baby got some SWEET gifts.
3) Pregnancy Brain strikes me randomly and very hard! (I kept calling bottle cleaning brushes "bottle warmers" =/)
4) I am not photogenic at all.  Nearly every photo of me opening a gift, I'm either talking, laughing, blinking or looking some other form of ridiculous. 

Example #1:
Example #2

A few photos from the day:


It fits!

The front of a fabulous baby blanket that Gma Akley made!  Minkie and Flannel- it will be so warm and is incredibly soft! It is sitting in the blanket basket awaiting Baby A's arrival, but to be honest.. i may have to take a nap with it  just to make sure it is as comfortable as I think it is. ;)
Love love love it! 
 The adorable onsie 'cupcakes' and 'lollipop' from Gma Dobbs. Each is a onsie with a sock (or pair) in the middle. One set for a boy and one set for a girl. Love!
We got so many amazing gifts, one of which was a diaper cake that my friend Sarah made!  I've seen them before, but never in person.  She stuffed it full of travel sized baby goodies and included some onsies as well. Such a great gift!

 The fabulous shower hosts- my good friends Shannon and Erin.    

The three four of us.  Gma Akley, me, baby Akley and Gma Dobbs.
The haul from the day.
Blessed? Why yes, I would certainly say we are :)
We have another baby shower coming up in a few weeks at Gma and Gpa Akley's that I am super excited about.  (not excited to be nearly 38 weeks pregnant at it) but it will be a great time.  Outdoors, good food, games, company, and general merriment all around. 

We will have a 3rd shower at my parent's church shortly after the baby is born as well.  (I grew up in this church so it will be fun to see everyone again and show off our new addition.)

Lots planned over the coming weeks, but we are so excited and feel incredibly blessed to share this time with family and friends.

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