Monday, September 23, 2013

Aaand again

Don't let this happy smile in the photo below fool you. At church this week, IT happened again. Yep, another blowout. Only this time, B was with me. That said, im sure youre thinking "it couldn't have been that bad". Well you'd be wrong. It happened while she was in the Moby Wrap. On my body.

Believe it or not, this photo was taken after it happened.
She was showing signs of tiredness so I put her in the wrap during greeting time. All was well during the remainder of worship time and as our pastor was saying a prayer before starting the service, it happened. She was sound asleep and I felt and heard her poop. I knew instantly it was a blowout, and instantly knew she had pooped on me. I leaned over after the prayer was over and told B what had happened and he asked if I was sure. Well, technically I wasn't, so I reached into the wrap and sure enough, came out with fingers covered in poop. He looked at me horrified, and asked what I was going to do. Given I that was wearing a dress, and that i didnt have any alternate clothes, my options were to pray she stayed asleep and just wear her until service was over, or we could leave church and go home. I opted for the first option and settled in for what felt like the longest 45min of life. 
After service was over, we headed to the Mommy's room to evaluate the damage.  As i started to pull the wrap off us, i realized more of the yuck was on the wrap than on me (thank goodness!)
She was clearly unfased by the whole incident. 
But as always, happy as a clam afterwards. 
I swear our life could be a reality tv show. =/ 


  1. OH man that girl knows how to poop like a champ!

    1. Ha, yes i know! I'd much rather that than the alternative, but if we could get it so she doesn't poop on me, that'd be great!