Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let's be honest

This blog has been a great outlet to share the HIGHS of Emerson's life so far, but to be honest, we have been struggling with a low on and off since i went back to work and this past week it is really starting to wear on both B and I.  Since a lot of you are parents, I'm coming to you for advice in the hopes that things will get better.
Emerson isn't the best sleeper.  There, I said it out loud.  She naps like a champ for both grandmas, and sometimes for her daddy, but when it comes to napping for mommy, i win the award for absolute crap.  The bad nap times i could handle when she was doing well at night, but she is recently starting to struggle at night.  We have recently implemented doing a dream feed at night and have had mild success 2 of the nights and absolute poo the other 3.  We have a solid bed time routine ands he goes to bed great at night and usually sleeps until 10 for her dream feed and then has an interesting night afterwards.  I'm pretty sure the issues we are having now are out of habit, but she wakes herself up frequently throughout the night and i have to shuffle into her room, turn her on her side (she's not a huge fan of sleeping on her back sometimes) pop the paci back in her mouth and pat her butt for a few minutes until she drifts off to sleep.  We do this song and dance a few times per night (last night was by far the worst, i swear i was up at least 7 times to do this) and with me working 10 hour days and B getting up at the buttcrack of dawn 5am for work, we are nearing the edge of exhaustion.  I know she is too young to let her cry it out, but short of turning off the video monitor or one of us sleeping on the nursery floor, we are at a loss of what to do.
Anyone with kids who now sleep through the night have advice for us?  She isn't hungry each time she wakes up, and usually falls back to sleep fairly easily, but she can't/won't stay asleep. 
If you offer advice, thank you.  if you can remember to send a prayer for us, thank you x2.
hopefully we will have a positive update in the near future or B will likely start sleeping in his truck to regain some sanity =/


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  1. No advice here girl. Sorry :( But you will all be in our prayers!