Tuesday, September 17, 2013

15/16 weeks

The weeks keep flying by and little E is already 3 1/2 months old! (Yes really, even in spite of my math deficiencies, she is actually is that age :) ) Her sleep habits continue to get better, she smiles at us broader than ever and has started making a wide variety of noises in ever increasing volume levels. 

Since she loves to grasp toys, her clothes, my hair anything, she gives herself fits at night by pulling her pacifier out of her mouth as she's falling asleep, we have started putting her to sleep (at nap time and at bedtime) by putting a corner of her lovie in her hand. Now, I know she is still too young to start an attachment to her lovie, but I figure introducing it now can't hurt. She holds into one of the corners while eating and I lay it across her stomach when she is in her crib but remove it once she is asleep, and this helps her not yank the paci out :) 

Her eyes are rapidly changing colors. They aren't blue anymore, but are definitely not green/brown/hazel/any other normal eye color. They look more grey than anything, but in the sunlight there are hints of brown.. She definitely takes after daddy on this one :) I'm excited to see what color they end up.
And look! she has eyebrows!  Normally all you can see in photos are the little muscles underneath, but this proves she does have them! and her hair looks brownish.. we will see what it ends up as well.
As a result of sleeping with her arms unswaddled, we have more face owies. Her nails arent even that long! 
Since she sleeps longer stretches at a time, meal times are even more important. She gorges herself and then often sits in a milk coma for a few minutes after eating. 

Another upside of her sleeping better at night, she is in fabulous moods in the morning :)
Developing a taste for coffee early on! (Totally kidding, she didnt get to drink anything, she just tried to bite the side of the cup and quickly lost interest) 
Now that she is able to reach and grab things, her pacifier falls to the wayside more frequently.  Granted, the wayside is usually her chest, but still!
This picture showcases many things.
1) despite our best efforts, she still notices the LED light on teh video monitor. (not nearly as much since we covered it with a piece of tape, but still.)
2) she is getting better at being a self soother.  Granted, it is usually two fingers, her whole hand or her wrist, but hey, whatever works!
3) we had just laid her down for her nap when i took this photo.  Thats right, folks, we lay her down wide awake and she can put herself to sleep!! SOOO much progress on the sleep front :)
(also, it really isn't 78 degrees in her room, the monitor is near the window so its gage is off)
No matter how we position her on her playmat, she is mobile enough to wriggle around so she can see the tv.  Thus far she is a great fan of football (mainly because of the brightly colored field and jersies.)  This game was clearly a real nailbiter.
Uncle Tyrel got her this adorable camo hat that says 'I hunt for hugs'. LOVE it! 
Daddy and E have regular conversations about his Fantasy Football league.

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