Thursday, September 5, 2013

14 weeks

Emerson is 14 weeks old tomorrow and gets more fun each passing day. Yes, the sleep woes I wrote about last time are still a very real part of our everyday life, but the huge grin we get from her every time we peer over her crib helps lessen the blow.  Yes, they can be maddening when she smiles like a toothless joker at 3am, but its impossible to stay mad when you see her.

On the whole she is a great baby, crying only when she is hungry, tired or has a yucky diaper. She smiles constantly, at her daddy and me, any extended family, and with a bit of prodding- at any stranger. She plays contentedly in her crib in the mornings for 15 minutes at a time; talking to herself and discovering new noises.

At 14 weeks she:
- Loves to stand. Granted, you have to be holding her up, but she loves the new view and throws the occasional mini fit when you sit or lay her down.
- is still getting chubbier and chubbier with each passing day. We love it!

- develops new facial expressions frequently. The video I uploaded shows a face we call ‘puffy cheeks’. We aren’t sure where she learned it from, but it is too funny not to share.

- her grip is getting stronger. She will closer her hand around just about any item you press into her palm and hold on for quite a while.
- LOVES to be outside. Even as a newborn she would love to look around, but this has only increased with age. She is incredibly happy on our nightly walks and loves to look at the trees. The video below shows her on our walk last night. (and gives a glimpse of the toothless grins we get)
- knows 100% who we are, and saves her biggest smiles for me and her daddy J   

We used our jogging stroller for its' intended purchase/purpose for the first time recently and she did great!  Most everything says to wait until they are 6 months old before going running with them, but at our 2 month appointment we asked our pediatrician and she gave us the ok to try it out.  She has had great neck strength for quite a while now and did so well on our jog.  Mommy on the other hand.. Not running for 9+ months takes its tole on you, and combine that with a heavy stroller to push, good grief it was a workout.
Has taken to sucking on her bottom lip with a vengence.  We aren't sure why she does it, but if she is sitting quietly for any length of time, she is sucking on her bottom lip.   
Ever since she was born, she has a look of constant surprise on her face.  No, we dont intentionally scare her or play peek-a-boo before taking photos, her eyes really are this wide nearly all.the.time.  I guess thats one feature she got from mommy :) 
We still have blowouts on a regular basis.  I've checked and her diapers fit properly, so i'm not quite sure where they come from..  The most recent time, we were out shopping with a friend and she started to fuss so i went to pick her up out of the stroller and as I did so, she pooped and got it on my shirt =/
She is always happy as a clam afterwards though.  I swear she thinks it is funny and does it on purpose sometimes..
One of my best friends, Joni, came to town to visit family and we were able to have lunch!  Here she is with baby Eme, prior to the poopsplosion.
Another of my favorite pictures of my favorite people :)  B loves reading to her, and these Skippy Jon Jones books we got from a baby shower seem to be a favorite of both of theirs'.  This was the first time she was actively invested in the reading though, she would make sounds throughout and was looking at each page as B turned it. 
 In light of her love of standing, we have been looking into exersaucers and walkers lately. Yes, she is still a little small for them, but given how much she enjoys the view, we thought it best to invest in one sooner rather than later. After much hunting on Craigslist i found a good exersaucer for a great price so i picked it up and we put her in it for the first time yesterday.  Granted, she had to have some help from the Snuggie blanket under her feet so she could touch the bottom, and we had a blanket behind her to help push her towards the toys, but she did great!  She actively reached for the toys and played for a few minutes.  I can tell many hours are going to be spent in this new toy :)  
She is so fun to be around and watching her discover new things is so great. 
Until next time.

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