Monday, August 26, 2013

3 months (12 weeks)

Our sweet girl is 3 months old and a few days already!
The reason this post is a few days late is beucase she rolled over for the first time on Friday morning!!!  I always film tummy time in teh hopes that i'll catch her rolling over, and i actually caught the first time she did it!  Tummy time was going well (a very rare occurance) and she started to lean and then it happened!  And for those wondering, yes, i cried afterwards. 
Enjoy :) Apologies in advance for my voice in the video =/
She becomes more fun each day and watching her discover new things about the world around her is so fun. She still hasn't figured out that her hands are her own, but she knows that she can move her arms all over the place.  As a result, i've been hit in the face multiple times.
This happens frequently.  She slowly leans to one side and then tips over.  She doesn't seem to mind too much, until she realizes she can't move her bottom arm and then the crying ensues.
Not only is her body filling out, but her little feet are as well.  Up until now, her little feet were too narrow to wear shoes.  Recently she has been able to!  she still kicks them off, but at least we start the day with shoes on (sometimes).
She has discovered her feet!  she realizes they are down there, and stares at them frequently, but i dont think se realizes they are hers yet.  It is too cute though, many of the photos i take are like the ones below. 
We went to a local festival downtown last week and she got to stay up past her bedtime.  I was worried with how she'd do, but she did great that night!  I wore her in the Moby and she loved the view facing out into the crowd.  People kept staring and commenting how cute she was, i think I she loved it.  She lasted about an hour and then got turned around to face me and fell asleep almost instantly.
Until the walk back to the car.. She creeped on B the whole walk back. 
We have blowouts on a regular basis now, 3 of which have been as i'm walking out the door to work.  I just think of it as another time to practice tummy time. 
Each day is better than the last with her.  Yes, it is still a lot of work, but when she has so much personality, it totally makes it worth while.  

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