Saturday, August 3, 2013

It was bound to happen..

We were having a family outing a few days ago and IT happened. I should've anticipated it, seeing as how she hadnt pooped in a day, but the reality was worse than what I imagined. 
We were in an antique store and I was wearing her in a sling when i felt her poop and thought nothing of it. We headed to the car so I could change her, and when I pulled her out of the sling, I saw exactly what we were dealing with and knew we didnt have enough wipes. Or plastic bags.
Poop was in the sling, on my cardigan, and all over Emersons onsie and skirt. 
I yelled to B to get the diaper bag and help me, and he as he hands it to me, a look of pure disgust, horror and "I have to laugh so I don't cry" was on his face. I started to undress her and realized we needed bags to put her clothes in, so I sent him inside to get some. While he was gone, I rolled up the onsie so I could get it off her, and in doing so, I made the poop squeeze out both ends of the shirt and onto her face and hair. Worst mom ever, I know. B comes back with the bags and shouts at me "its on her face!!!" Yes honey, it is everywhere, including on my hands, both arms and the passenger seat off my car. It took me nearly 10 minutes to get her cleaned up, and her bath that night was extra thorough. 
Trying to clean her up was such a circus that I wish we would've videotaped it, but the photos have to suffice. Luckily I had a change if clothes for her in her diaper bag, or she woudlve been rocking a diaper until we got home.

She was quite pleased with herself.
Until i took off her onsie =\
And got it on her face..
She wasnt too pleased after the whole episode.

But she had a good discussion (laughs on her part ) with dad when we stopped for lunch.

We survived our first true blowout. Success in parenthood comes in many forms :)


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