Saturday, July 27, 2013

2 months!!

I can't believe Emerson is two months already! It seems like we just brought her home from the hospital! Life with her has definitely gotten easier/better and she is a joy to be around each day.
Here is our sweet girl at 2 months old.
A few new developments of late:

1) she smiles all the time!  Her first one was at 6w1d and she continues to do so with gusto.
here is a video I got of her smiling :) LOVE.
2) she can sit in her Bumbo chair by herself! Granted, she's still very small and ends up leaning to one side when she gets tired, but she can do it, and loves the new view of the world. 
Doing the cha cha in her new chair ;)
3) whoever said "if your baby is fussy, toss 'em in the stroller and they'll fall right to sleep!" Has never met Emerson. Twice now while out for a walk (since she wasn't sleeping to begin with) she stayed awake the entire time. There's a lot to see in this world, and I guess she doesn't want to miss any of it! Twice now I've taken her on a walk in the hopes of her falling asleep, and every time I would glance under the canopy at her, she would peer back at me with wide eyes and a goofy grin. Such a stinker!
4) we are still working our way towards being a consistent thumb sucker.  The other day she was in the sling and fussing with the pacifier in her mouth.  She had her hand near the paci, almost like she was trying to flick it out, so I took it out and popped her thumb in. she was falling asleep in seconds.
  5) we went for another family hike and tried out our new carrier.  She wasn't too impressed (mainly because she was still tired) but it was a beautiful day and we had a good time.
5) she loves her daddy more than anything.  I had a follow up dr.'s apt this week and came home to the photo below.  She was sound asleep in his arms.  Melted my heart and made me love him even more. 
6) She is a ridiculously early riser (I'm talking about 5:15am, people).  She also loves her new chair and the outdoors, so I pooled my resources and we drank our morning coffee outside a few times this week.
Just a few additional recent shots.

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  1. Girl I love this! Thanks for keeping the blog up! She's growing! :)