Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life as of late

Before Emerson was born, I found the time to regularly blog once (sometimes twic!) a week, but now that she's here, my "me" time is almost non existent, and the time I spend blogging has gotten drastically cut. I realize though, mosr people check the blog frequently and really love the photo dump posts, so in light of that, enjoy these photos from our life lately :) I'll try to do more content next time, but for now, enjoy her sweet face.

She still isnt too sure of bathtime yet, but we are slowly getting there.
We went camping for the 4th of July and as terrified as i was of being outside for two days with a one month old, it was aftually pretty awesome. My brother, sister in law and nephew came up from iowa and we got a few sites and spent time with all extended family at the lake. It was pretty great.
Camping is exhausting when you're this cute!
B and i went on our first date sans Emerson since her birth. Dinner and some gambling up in Deadwood and gma Dobbs watched Emerson. Yes, i cried when we left her for the first time.
This happened. No, that isnt water.. we had just given Emerson a bath and she thought that would be the ideal time to pee all over mommy. and the floor.

All in all, we love her to pieces! 
Until next time..



  1. Love, love, love your blog! I'm due in October and it's awesome to see a mom like you who is doing so well. Thanks!

  2. Oh man! She is SO cute! Sorry about the pee mess. Love the date night! And the camping! TOO FUN!