Monday, July 1, 2013

1 month

Where has the time gone?! Emerson is 4 weeks old already, which in my book constitutes 1 month, and I can hardly believe it!  Our first few weeks with her were incredibly challenging, but once we made it through those (with countless tears shed and multiple phone calls to grandmas), life with her has been pretty great.

at 1 month she:
-Weighs 8.3lbs and is in the 20th percentile
-Is 21inches long and is in the 30th percentile
-Sleeps 2.5-3hr stretches at night, fairly consistently
-Smiles in her sleep and after feeding, but still hasn't smiled knowingly yet. We can't wait for this!
-Has started to make more normal "baby" noises. She coos while on her playmat and it is adorable.
-Gets hiccups all.the.time. I know this is a normal developmental thing for babies, and she had them in utero all the time, but she has them-no joke- twice a day sometimes.
-is still the poopiest and gassiest baby I've ever known.
-is still a lot of work, but gets more fun with each passing day :)

She is a very animated stretcher right after waking up. She sleeps swaddled and clearly,loves to have her arms free. Nothing better than a good baby stretch :)

She makes funny faces constantly but trying to capture them on video is so hard! 

We went to a wedding this weekend and Emerson got to meet a lot of new people. All thought she was adorable :)

Gma Dobbs turns nearly every visit into a photo-shoot. We have countless adorable pictures to show for it though :)

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