Saturday, July 13, 2013


While camping over the 4th of July holiday, I either ran into some poison ivy, got the biggest chigger infestation ever, or my new mommy constant state of panic nerves finally got the best of me, because I am now covered in a weird rash/hive out break. I'm not contagious but it itches like crazy and no amount of Benadryl cocktail or calamine lotion bath has helped. That said, not only do I look ridiculous covered in splotchy streaks of pale liquid 24/7, it also effects my and Emerson's night routine. She currently sleeps in a swing at night, and a few nights ago I had just put her down for the night and was applying my nightly coating of calamine lotion when she cried out. Knowing I had precious seconds to get to her before she really woke herself up, I flew into her room to check on her. Sure enough, she was awake, so I had to stand there, only in my unmentionables, dripping in calamine lotion until she calmed down. Good thing we never open the blinds in our house or our neighbors would've gotten quite the sight. =\
For whatever reason, I find it irrationally funny to stick my nose in Emerson's mouth and let her suck on it. She thinks it is food and goes to town, and I in turn get a good chuckle. Yes, mean I know. Don't worry though, karma kicked me in the butt a few days ago for this cruel trick. She had just eaten, gotten a fresh diaper and was laying nice and calm on the changing table. Since she was in a good mood, I thought this would be the perfect time to try it, and right as she started sucking, she also spit up. On my nose. Emerson-1 Mommy-0.
Check out that double chin!  She is a champion eater, and has the chub to prove it!

This is a typical Emerson face. She does this all the time. 

And again :)

Playing with Gma Akley this week
We also went for our first family hike this week around Silvan Lake.  Now, a hike around a lake sounds like an easy time, but actually this lake has multiple stone stairs, steep inclines and narrow rock formations.  Good thing we brought our off-roading stroller (which we had to carry many times).  It was a great day though :)


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  1. This is ADORABLE! I mean the stroller and hike! :) She is SO cute!