Thursday, August 8, 2013

IT happened again

If you read our blog consistently, you know that we experienced our first true blow-out last week.  As ridiculous as the situation was at the time, we can now look back and laugh at the whole thing, so all in all it wasn't too terrible. Part of the reason it wasn't so bad was because B and I were together and he could help out as needed.  Well folks, it happened again, and this time, it was just me vs. the exploding diaper.  You'd think Emerson would've been some sort of help, but no, she lays there either smiling/laughing at me or crying and kicking her little legs.  I had to not only deal with the diaper and dirty clothes, but also make sure she didnt stick her foot in it!

Here's how it happened.
I got her dressed on Sunday morning for church and off we went.  She was wearing an entirely new outfit (yes, down to the headband and socks) and looked adorable.

Case in point:

This was the first time that she was actually awake when church started, so i of course had her out so she could be seen see people.  I had a blanket on my shoulder in case she spit up, and when she wanted to look forward, i wrapped it around her lower half to help keep her warm. 
We made it through 3 worship songs before i feel something wet hit my hand.  i look at the pew in-front of me, and notice there is clear liquid on the wood.  I look above me, thinking there maybe a leak somewhere, and then realize that the leak is coming from the tiny person i'm holding in my arms.  At this exact time, i feel a wet spot form on my stomach/hip, and drip down my right leg and onto my foot/sandle.  I look, and the liquid is still clear (from what i could see), so I thought her diaper had just come loose and she had peed.  If only i could've been so lucky.
I quick grab the diaper bag and head to the nursing mothers room, and when i laid her down on the changing table, I saw it.  Poop. On her brand new, white, ruffly church sock.  I look at the inside of her thigh and notice the same poop on her leg and the inside of her dress. I look at the blanket, and sure enough, poop there too! 
I unsnap her dress and get her down to the yucky diaper, and by this time she is screaming and flailing her arms and legs around the pacifier isn't helping.  This, of course, is the perfect time for worship to end, and for them to start taking communion.  Not one, not two, but 3 seperate ushers walk in and ask if i want the emblems to take with the congregation.  I politely decline and point to the poop covered infant that is currently screaming, and they get the hint and walk away. 
I get her all changed, and realize that we dont have a bag for her clothes, so i walk to the nursery to grab one.  Meanwhile, she has a huge grin on her face and is making friends with everyone that we pass.  All the while, mommy has noticed the 'clear' wet spot on my stomach is actually a nice shade of yellowy brown and the size of a hamburger patty. Nice.
Needless to say, she spent the rest of the service in a sling, dozing in and out, in a fabulously un-matching outfit. But hey, she still had her headband on =/

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