Wednesday, August 7, 2013

another photo dump

A part of me feels guilty when i publish the blog from my phone.  Yes, the ease of having a smart phone, and being able to upload the photos i take with the touch of a button is fabulous, but lets be real, the content always suffers.  I usually update things while feeding Emerson, trying to scroll through the hundreds various photos i take of her, and by the time i've uploaded them all, trying to type on my keyboard isn't an option. 
Like i've said before though, most people follow the blog to see her photos and hear the occasional funny story (which, lets be honest, has been her whole life so far), so i dont feel as bad about the photo dump.
Enjoy our sweet girl!  She will be 10 weeks this Friday and is more fun with each passing day.
My first day back to work was this past Monday, and by far the hardest day since she's been born. (had you asked me that in the beginning, i surely would've told you otherwise..).  As challenging as life with her has been at times, she is such an amazing little girl, and being away from her was so tough. (I cried everytime a co-worker asked about her!).  We are incredibly fortunate though, both sets of Grandparents have graciously agreed to watch her two days a week and knowing that she is with them when she is away from us helps lessen the pain.  She is gaining a great relationship with her grandparents, and we have the peace of mind knowing that she is spending time with someone who loves her nearly as much as we do.
This was taken that morning when i loaded her into the carseat.  The look of sadness and uncertainty perfectly describes how i felt that morning :(.  It hasn't gotten much easier, but the time i spend crying in the car on my drive to work gets less each day.

On a happier note, this is my favorite photo that I've taken of Emerson so far. :)

Bathtime has become a favorite activity in our household :)
She recently discovered a 'game' during bathtime :) It shows a small snippet of her personality and we love it.  She also has started to splash while in the bath, but everytime i try to catch it on camera, she stops!
She recently discovered that she can blow spit bubbles. 
Look at that mischevious little grin! 
Her cheeks are getting chubbier with each passing day, and i LOVE it! 
This was her outfit for church this past Sunday.  

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