Monday, August 19, 2013

11 weeks

If someone would've tried to tell me just how much our lives would change as a result of becoming parents, i would've brushed them off and said 'Yes, I know our lives will change..".  But if only we knew what a blessing this sweet girl would really be!  Yes, she has her maddening days where she wont nap (thats a whole other post), has had too many exploding diapers to count ( here and here ) and will scream her head off if put down, but at the end of the day when we are playing in the bath and she gives us her big toothless smile, we can see it in her eyes that she loves us, and know that the crazy stupid amount of love we have for her isn't for nothing.
She is making developmental strides everyday and it is so crazy to think she will be 3 months old this Friday!  Where did my squishy newborn baby go?  She has been replaced with a fiercly independent, sometimes pensive, and frequently smiley little girl!  She tries so hard to laugh and i have a feeling this milestone is just around the corner.  She has done it in her sleep once before (while in the Moby Wrap) and it was such an amazing sound!  We are on pins and needles waiting for her to do it while awake and will most certainly update when it happens.
Enjoy the photo updates of our sweet girl.  She is such a joy :)
Emerson has started to notice her feet!  She still seems to have no idea what-so-ever that they are hers or connected to her body, but she notices them none the less!  Today i decided to put shoes on her and she noticed them too!  (the fact that they are silver helped I'm sure :) ) but it was too cute not to include. **side note- check out those thigh rolls! 
She had her best night's sleep EVER last night!  Only woke up one time :)  Yes, i know this could very well be a fluke and I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch, but it was a great day to mark on the calendar.  She was in fantastic spirits this morning. and a little mischevious too! 
 Gettin' her dance on before we went to church yesterday. 
On the whole she is a great baby with a usually content temperment.  If she is hungry, sleepy or poopy thought, watch out!
Her mood is fantastically different after she's eaten.  Once she passes the 'milk drunk' phase, she is incredibly content to sit on my lap and look around as long as I'll let her. 
Here she is coming off her 'milk drunk' ;) 
I finally finished this piece of artwork for her room!  We took her hand and footprints a few weeks after birth, but it took me forever to finish the project!  It will be such a fun reminder of how tiny she was, and a personal way to remember such a fun time in her life. 
I have a work colleague who is a great photographer and she offered to take some photos of Emerson so we jumped at the chance!  We LOVE the photos our friend Kayla took for us and cherish the images of our sweet girl so tiny, and i know that we will love these upcoming photos just as much.
Here she is trying out the tutu prior to the photoshoot.
She wasn't too pleased, but we got some fun photos out of it! 
We went for a hike, and it was the first ever time she was facing outwards- she LOVED it!  so much more for her to see and enjoy.  she's still on the small side so the sling was a little awkward for her, but she liked being able to see things  
She is noticing things more and more each day.  Here she is starting at my wedding ring!  B jokes that he doesn't have the money to support two girls' expensive jewelry habit so i need to stop showing it to her.  Diamonds are usually a girl's best friend..
The first ever time she was facing out in the Moby wrap!  Exciting times. 
**She also noticed my phone all.the.time!  I take so many photos of her and whenever it is out, she stops what she's doing and stares at it!  (sheesh look at that chin =/)
One of my co-workers was so sweet and purchased some clothes for Emerson, one of which was this little jean romper.  So cute and a more modern twist on overalls! 
She continues to get chubbier by the day!  At our last doctors appointment, she weighed in at 10lbs 6 oz (up nearly 4 lbs from birth!).  This was over 2 weeks ago, so she has to be at least 12 lbs now.  Love our chunky monkey :)

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