Tuesday, February 4, 2014

8 months

Our sweet Emerson is 8 months old already!  I don't know why, but it is just now hitting me that she is closer to 1 year old than she is to a newborn!  She is more fun with each passing day, and makes personality and developmental strides on a regular basis.
At 8 months she: 
Has 2 teeth!
Still loves to eat, and is getting better at feeding herself at mealtimes.  Granted, she doesn't get anything from the spoon into her mouth, but she likes to 'help'.
**Copper enjoys E's mealtimes as well, I will put food on the spoon and she will promptly fling it on the floor, resulting in many free snacks for him**
Not only likes to 'help', she also loves to 'share' our meals.  She could've just eaten an entire pear, but she loves to sample whatever we are eating.  Here, she's helping herself to my quiche.
And here, she is helping herself to a tasting of whipped cream!
We are incredibly lucky she isn't a picky eater, and will willingly try just about anything we offer her.  Her new favorite snack/dessert: Graham Crackers
Her eyes are still not a definite color, but most days they are a hazel/green and occasionally grey.
Is still a tummy sleeper 98% of the time. 
On the whole, is a FANTASTIC night sleeper!  If you remember from earlier in her life, this was not the case at all!  Now, she has a pretty set nighttime routine and somewhat flexible napping schedule, and as a result, sleeps really well at night.  She usually wakes up once to eat and then is back to sleep within 10 minutes.  As a result, she is super happy in the mornings!
Has developed a 'fake smile' and will do it at the drop of a hat.  She has such a fun personality, and loves to make others laugh/smile.
Is getting better at being in the church nursery!  She lasted 40 minutes last week, and 50 minutes this past Sunday!  I want to start helping with worship team, but with B doing shift work, I wont be able to until she can stay in the nursery for the whole service.
is getting more and more hair!  Along with that comes some crazy after bath-time hair :)
   She sits up like a champ, and is getting more and more sturdy on her legs each day.  She so badly want to crawl and is getting closer, but for now, all she can do is spin around in circles and scoot herself backwards.
LOVES to dance! 
Is soooo inquisitive!  We went to a friend's birthday party on Saturday, and she had to 'help' open the gift for her friend.   
 LOVES to watch football.  Since she was littler, she loved to watch the games with us on SUnday.  It must've been the bright color of the jerseys, but she is infatuated with the game :)
Our adorable bi-partisan football fan for the Superbowl! (I'm a Bronco fan, B is a Seahawks fan) 
Is starting to learn the correlation between certain words and actions, and I was able to teach her this one afternoon :)


  1. Oh my goodness! That fake smile is cracking me up! Too adorable! And where did you get that cute pink bow headband?

    1. Ha yes, she smiles (both real and fake!) all the time. We got the bow as a set of five in a different colors. The headbands are a set too, we go them on etsy!