Thursday, October 30, 2014

a little catch up..

Emerson will be 17months tomorrow and is an absolute blast!  She earned to walk about a month and a half ago and is constantly on the move.  She loves to get into any and everything, and picks up treasures throughout the house on her explorations. Oftentimes her most treasured possession is my car keys, so it makes for an interesting rush around the house in the morning!
her treasures the other morning were a ping pong ball, spare sock, string of beads, a swim diaper and a Lysol wipe

Her little butt isn't really this big! we cloth diaper part time, and she had one on in this photo!
She is fiercely independent, but calls out 'Mom' at least 100 times a day.  She often doesn't want to be right near me, but needs to know I'm nearby at all times.  She relies on Brandon to be her protector, and anytime she gets her feelings hurt, or gets injured in any way, only wants to be held by him.
Her vocabulary grows with each passing day, and hovers between 25-30 words at the moment.  Mom, dada, papa, apple, peach, pear, shoes, socks, toes, baby, puppy, no, up, down, cheese, bite, eat, eyes, ears, bye, hi, uh-oh, please and thank you are said on a daily basis, with more words each day.  She's such a little sponge and its so fun to watch her learn and grow.
At her 15mo appointment, she weighed 23lbs and was 32" tall.  At this rate, she will be taller than me by quite a bit! (they say to take their height at age 2 and double it, and you'll have a rough estimate of how tall they'll be when they're done growing.  at 15 months she will be projected to be my height (5'4") so we will see what happens!
she had to get 3 shots at the Dr's so she wasn't too impressed to be there
She has 12 teeth at the moment, and I think her eye teeth are coming through as we speak.  She loves to use her toothbrush (mainly because of the flavored 'toothpaste' they have for kids) and loves to help us brush them.
She has a growing number of lovies and babies that she carries around and sleeps with and I love it!

B bought her her first baby doll and she LOVES it!  she carries it around everywhere.

She is still a big football fan and will only sit like this with her daddy. Makes me a little jealous, but I love seeing the awesome bond that they have :)

She gets into more and more mischief as she gets older.  She doesn't know how to turn the doorknobs yet, but I feel it is coming soon!

Each day that passes she gets more and more brave.  she climbs up her play structure without a second thought and slides down by herself with a goofy grin on her face. She absolutely loves being outside, and we are soaking up every last minute of this gorgeous fall weather we've been having!

Bath time is still one of our favorite times. she is such a water baby!

We had some antique photos taken at local fundraiser and I love how it turned out!

We went to a local church pumpkin patch a few weeks ago and picked out pumpkins.  E was pretty adamant about which pumpkin she came home with, and selected the little warty one in her hands all by herself and carried it to the checkout table :)

She is still slightly selective with who she gives kisses to, but this is the face she makes when she wants to give you one :)

We are putting good use to all the baby books we got as gifts at the shower!  E will grab them out of her toy chest and walk over to have you read to her.  we love it


 She loves her puppy so much, and he is so great with her!  She will come and sit on him, chase him around the house trying to pet him, and step on his paws as she walks by him, but they are so great together and we are so thankful!

She is learning facial features and insists on putting spare sunglasses on your face. (mine, hers, or Mr. Potato Head's)

 We recently retired her high chair and put her in a booster seat at our breakfast table and she's done great!  She is working on using silverware and does great feeding herself, she just needs a bit of help getting food onto the spoon or fork :)

She still loves fruit, and we made great use of the pear tree we have in our back yard!

Sharing isn't one of her strong suites. At all.

She loves to help clean!  the broom or a Lysol wipe, paper towel or even a Magic eraser sponge, she enjoys walking by things and giving them a good scrub :) 


She is the absolute light of our lives and we are so grateful for everyday that we get to spend with her!

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