Monday, December 15, 2014

18 months

This little bear isn't so little anymore! we went to her 18month checkup on Friday and she is 23lbs 12oz and 32" tall.  Not a huge amount of growth from her last appointment, but she is holding steady in her percentages and we (both us and her Dr.) are pleased with her progress.
She is more fun with each passing day.
She still calls out 'MOM' at least 200 times a day, but has started to yell for DAD and PUPPY much more frequently.  her vocabulary is expanding all the time, and she is willing to attempt just about any word you provide her.  She has taken a great interest in books and animals recently, so we work on identifying them, and the noises they make.
She recently started jumping off of things (much to my panic).  Brandon has made a big point about not instilling unnecessary fear in her, and as a result, she is such a brave little girl.  She will climb on just about anything, and once she knows you're paying attention, she will jump walk off the edge for you to catch her. She has yet to fall or hurt herself seriously, but I'm waiting for the day :(

In 'Big Girl' milestones, we have recently started to put her to sleep without the help of a pacifier.  For a while now, she only gets them when she is severely upset, in the car or at bed/nap time.  When I knew she was asleep each night, i'd go in and remove the pacifier without any protest from her.  For the past 5 nights (and a majority of her naps) she goes down without a fight, without a pacifier, and falls asleep!  granted, she talks to herself for a good 10 minutes, but she does it!
she looks so huge here!
 She also thinks it is hilarious when she picks her nose!  When you ask her "Emerson, do you have a boogie?" she will squinch up her nose, snort and then try to pick it! (all with a big grin on her face!) I guess its my fault, everytime she has a bat in the batcave, i'll quick swoop in and get it with a Kleenex. 

She has recently discovered that if she says 'Owie', we will inspect whatever area she points to.  This has lead to many inspections of fingers, toes, her ears and her belly. 

She has started to play dress up with my clothes! I was folding laundry one night, and had set a dress aside to be hung up. it was oddly quiet, and I glanced over to her, and saw her trying to put it on!  She also loves to play with my necklaces.  If she sees me wearing one, she must touch it, and if I have a spare nearby, she has to wear it as well :)

sometimes she's not so successful at putting them on herself, but she was pretty proud to wear this one as a tiara!
We went on our first ever walk without a stroller or a carrier this past weekend and it was amazing!  There is a small park in our housing development, and we live right along the walking path, and in an attempt to rid us of our cabin fever and take advantage of the GORGEOUS weather we've had (it was 66 degrees out!) we went to play.  It was so surreal, walking behind her, and watching her examine things and keep moving as she wanted.  Granted, she did wander around, hoard rocks, and even pick up a few handfuls pieces of deer poop, it was an absolute blast to be so free.
We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our new house this year, and while there were a few crazy moments, it was a great success!
We carried on our annual tradition of hunting Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving (otherwise known as Black Friday to the rest of the world), and it was so much fun!  Brandon had the brilliant idea of purchasing a sled so we could pull her around in the snow, and it was so nice!  The weather was beautiful, and she loved being pulled around.
I was a little nervous decorating the tree this year, given that Emerson is 1) super inquisitive 2) stubborn 3) likes to touch any and everything and 4) a toddler.  I hung the lights one night when she had gone to sleep, and the next morning we sat as a family and I unwrapped each ornament.  As I unwrapped some 'pretty' ones, she would 'oohh' and 'wow!' and tell me 'pretty'.  Seeing her pure joy at some of my most treasured memories throughout the years was such a great feeling.  Even now as they are hung on the tree, I will catch her at random times reaching in to touch one and mumble 'pretty' to herself. 

We are slowly purchasing gifts, and she is still thankfully at the age where we allow her to 'pick' out what she wants, and can still hide it and give as a gift later :) 
We had a gift card to a local toystore, and I was in the market to find something small that we wouldn't' have to pay too much money of our own to purchase.  Not Brandon, no, that would be too simple.  He walks around the store and lets Emerson pick out a toy.  It was way more than we would normally spend on anything, but she loved it. (and she'll be none the wiser if she only gets one big gift, right? :) )

This girl LOVES stuffed animals!  we were at the hardware store looking for some Christmas lights, and we had to snag not one, but two bears off the shelf.  We returned them both, but she insisted carrying them both around the store with us until checkout.

For my birthday this year, Brandon surprised me with a trip to Denver for our first ever NFL game!  it was a complete surprise and we had such a good time! the weather was gorgeous, no wind and 58 degrees! My parents watched Emerson for us, and it was such a nice get away for the two of us. Boy did we miss her though!



Since she was little, Eme has been a fan of football, and as she grows, she continues to love it!  Granted, she only sits still for a few minutes, but when she does, she sits like this!

She is very protective over us, and when Brandon will come lay his head in my lap, or when we hug, she isn't a big fan of it.  She insists on climbing over and trying to be a part of whatever is going on.

She loves to give hugs, but only when she decides to.  This little boy is a friend of hers at daycare, and whether he likes it or not (usually he doesn't), he receives many hugs from her.

Until next time!

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