Saturday, January 4, 2014

7 months

 Our sweet baby Emerson is already 7 months old! Everyone always warned us how quickly time would go by, but the older she gets, the more I realize how true this is!  She is more fun with each passing day, and develops new skills all the time!

She is still independent and stubborn, and likes to do what she wants, when she wants.  She is a good eater, but trying to get her to drink a full bottle without dropping it or being distracted is a challenge.  She can drink out of a sippy cup like a champ. She has increasingly louder volume levels, and talks up a storm.  She loves to stare at her hands and feet, and her hand/eye coordination is getting better and better.  She still wakes up once a night to eat, with the occasional full night's sleep thrown in there (which mommy loves!).  She is still a very happy baby and has a great temperment around familiar faces and strangers alike.  She's very willing with a large grin, and laughs more readily as the days go by.

At 7 months she:
Continues to eat like a champ! We tried the pureed food for about 2 weeks, and after she decided she was no longer a fan of the consistency, we moved onto chunks of steamed fruit or vegetables.  In addition to the foods of last month, she has tried many new ones: broccoli, carrots, squash (regular yellow and butternut), potatoes, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, apples and honeydew. Her favorites of late include broccoli and grapes.

At her 6 1/2mo appt. she weighed in at 16lbs, 4oz  and was 26" in length.

She loves to look at her reflection in the mirrors there!

Currently has one tooth, and is working on its' mate! I try all the time to capture pictures of it, but she always moves, closes her mouth, sticks her tongue out or screams at me.  These are a few of my unsuccessful attempts =/

Loves to chew on anything.
I can tell she is in pain from her poor teeth, so she chews on anything to make them feel better.

Even her Boppy Pillow. 

Or a raw potato.


Still has no definite eye color. 
Some days they are green, gray, hazel or blue.  It is fun to watch them change, and we are constantly wondering what they will end up.

Loves toys that make noise.
These Mardi Gras beads are easy for her to hold, and they make plenty of noise when she bangs them around, so in an effort to save money, we stocked up on some clearance Christmas Tree garland and she's none the wiser ;) 

  Sits up and plays like a champ!
However, in the past two days, she's tipped backwards and bonked her head pretty hard. lots of tears for all involved.  Today, I ordered some foam play mats for the living room, and hopefully these will help!

Is becoming a good stander-upper.
she obviously needs to hold onto things, but loves to stand up with support!

  Was a great date for New Year's Eve. 
She took a bath, went to sleep like a rockstar, and let me enjoy a glass of wine while waiting for my midnight kiss from my husband :)

Still loves bath time.
She is able to sit up a lot better now, so we occasionally remove the plastic piece in her tub so she can sit up.  She will soon have to graduate out of her whale bathtub and into a big girl bath seat, photos of this to follow soon! 

She just started doing this last night.  We aren't sure where she learned it, and are pretty confident she doesn't know what it means, but we think it is too adorable not to share!

Her ears don't really stick out as much as the video makes it seem.. the way she is positioned in the Moby makes them look a little Dumbo-ish. Which they are not!


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