Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Claus

After much prodding, nagging, reminding asking, we finally took E to see Santa yesterday.  I knew that the visit could either be great or a wreck with lots of tears, so going into it, I didn't want to go somewhere that we'd have to pay for the photos.  That eliminated just about every spot in town, with the exception of outdoor Santas, and given that it has been above zero very infrequently, we knew our options were limited. 
Last weekend, I heard he would be at Cabelas, and we had planned to go there, but something came up so we didn't make it.  Fast forward to Friday of this week, and we were out picking up some last minute gifts at the mall, and we got in line to see Santa.  I went ahead in line and looked at the photo packages, and the minimum one was $20!  I wasn't about to pay that (esp. if she was going to be screaming!) so we got out of line, and B talked me off my tear filled ledge and said that we'd find another Santa to take her to.  (yes, I teared up when I thought we wouldn't find a Santa to take her to for her first Christmas- don't judge me!)
Luckily, Gma D came through and saw that Santa would be at Harley Davidson on Sunday, so we got E ready in her Christmas dress and took her to see him.
With great trepidation, I watched as B gave E to Santa, and surprise surprise, she did great!  Not a tear in sight, and no wining what-so-ever!  The guy even took my email address and plans to email me the photos he took!  We will certainly be going back there next year :)


In other news, there was a tray of cider and cookies, and needless to say, B let E try one.  Yes, she loved it..

Look at those chubby cheeks!


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