Wednesday, December 4, 2013

6 months!!

 Our sweet baby is 6 months old!  She's been in our lives for 1/2 a year already and it is so crazy to think that amount of time has gone by!  I know I say this each monthly update, but she is more fun with each passing day! 
She has such a unique personality developing, and it is fun to see different traits beginning to emerge.  She is stubborn and tries so hard to be independent.  She gets impatient easily and wants to try things for herself. She has such a loving spirit and gives us hugs regularly (as best as a 6 mo old can!). She knows who all her family members are, and loves them all.  She is still apprehensive of strangers, but will allow them to hold her if we are near-by.  She is incredibly observant and loves to watch tv (football especially!), any bright lights, the ceiling fan or just people watch. 

Here she is at 6 months.  Each month she is realizing more and more that the chair is a glider and moves back and forth with a little motion.  She gradually gets the chair rocking (with a huge grin on her face!) and then promptly tips over from the motion.  Silly girl.

At 6 months she:
Can sit up unassisted.  She still tips over occasionally, but much less so than in weeks past.  She seems to love the new view of the world.

Is completely bottle fed.
This was an upsetting development for me, but in the end my supply wasn't cutting it, so we made the transition to be entirely formula fed and she is doing great!

Is now eating people food (sort of).
We started with oatmeal cereal after her 4 month appointment, and that was fairly short lived and thankfully uneventful.  Since then, she has tried carrots, acorn squash, bananas, sweet potatoes and pears.  Needless to say, she LOVES the fruits, and doesn't care too much for the veggies yet.  I make her food myself (I have a Baby Brezza system) and it has worked out great for us so far.


LOVES Mum Mum rice husks.
This is one food that she likes to 'eat' herself.  She holds onto it and usually makes it in her mouth.  More often than not though, it ends up stuck to her face/cheek/chest/lap/the table.  She loves to be independend though and is getting better at it each day!

Can stand! (with assistance)
In addition to the new view she enjoys from sitting, she has started to stand while holding onto furniture.  She hasn't figured out how to move from side to side by shuffling her feet, but she loves banging on the couch while holding onto it.

Is able to roll from back to front!
This development came over the course of a single day, and now she does it all the time!  she knows how, but still hasn't mastered rolling back over from her tummy, but we figure it is just a matter of time :)

Prefers to sleep on her stomach. 
We put her on her side or back to sleep, and once she has settled down, we glance at the monitor and she is sound asleep on her stomach.  Not being able to roll cosistently from belly to back does pose a problem though, she often gets stuck like this and cries in frustration.  Not an ideal wake-up call in the middle of the night. :/


Has started to sleep through the night!!!
This is a HUGE development for us!  Yes, some babies are born with great sleep patterns, and while E was a easy baby for the most part on the sleep front (no colic), we had our struggles.  In the past few weeks, she's slept through the night 3 times!  On the nights she doesn't sleep straight through, she still usually wakes once to eat and then is back to sleep.  Blessed! 

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