Monday, December 16, 2013

28 weeks

The weeks keep flying by faster and faster, and I have less and less time to blog!  As per usual, here is a photo dump of our last few weeks with Little Ms.  
Since she can sit now, the view at bath time is slightly different.  And we have taken to adding toys to her bath as well, so she can do more than spray everything in the bathroom with water splash around.  We got these foam letters from a friend for her baby shower, and as it turns out, not only do they stick to the shower walls, they also stick to E!  
She still loves to roll from back to front, even when eating!  She does this all the time, and is actually able to drink out of the bottle on her side (if it is full enough..)
She is still short enough to sit in her bumbo chair underneath the upper cupboards and help me cook, but not for much longer!
Gma D found this jumper on a local 'for sale' page for a steal of  a deal, and while it took E a little while to figure out what to do (she just swung back and forth at first!), but jumps like a pro now :)
While she is still a full-time tummy sleeper, she has started to assume the typical 'butt in the air' baby sleep position.
She is still too stubborn to roll from belly to back, so she frequently assumes the 'superman' position and will raise her legs and arms off the ground and flail them around.  
She will do it occasionally though, and my photos of her end up like this:
We are in full swing Christmas mode at our house, and she helped me decorate the tree.  Granted, a ton of those little balls fell off the ornament, and she was covered in glitter no matter how many times I bathed her, she loved it none the less!
She also got a hold of my Christmas ornaments and decided to take it upon herself to "help" me unwrap some of them.
She likes to lay like this on her boppy.  Not sure why, but she seems to enjoy the view. 
Since she LOVES any lights what-so-ever, we decided to take a few cute photos for our Christmas cards.
After a few minutes of fussing one night, she got strangely quiet so I went to check on her and found her asleep like this.  She is slowly becoming attached to her lovie :)
It is unseasonably warm the past few days (justifiably so after we had a week's worth of sub zero temperatures!) so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a walk last night.  She rode in the stroller facing out like a big girl and LOVED it!
We celebrated my birthday last week (the big 26!) and went up to Hill City and played tourist for a few hours and then ended with dinner at the Alpine Inn.  We let E taste a baked potato, dry toast and *cough* icecream, whipped cream and an apple from apple pie *cough*  and she loved it all! 
We also took advantage of an awesome deal by one of our local photographers, and had some Christmas photos of E taken and as usual, they all turned out great!  Here are two we ordered: 

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  1. Oh my! I can't believe how big she has gotten! Happy Christmas and Happy Birthday!