Tuesday, March 4, 2014

9 months

Our sweet girl is 9 months already! I know I say this every.single.post, but she really is becoming more and more fun each day.  Watching her discover the world around her is so cool, and seeing her learn and grow is such an amazing blessing. 
At 9 months she:
Is still a really good sleeper (with some exceptions!) and wakes up in such a great mood. we usually sit and play in her crib for a bit after she wakes up and she is all smiles.
Will play with anything! A few nights ago, I was trying to make dinner and B had to get to class, so he set her on the floor with a jicama (a vegetable we got in our Bountiful Basket)and she was totally content!  Other random toys she loves: fruit snack wrappers, empty plastic water bottles and socks.
Is still a great eater.  We haven't given her any meats yet, but she loves just about every fruit or veggie she has tried.  She got to try asparagus the other night and it was a huge hit.
She also tried cucumber and liked that she got to hold it/feed herself, but wasn't a huge fan of the texture.
Is getting better at standing each day, and loves to look in our full length mirror and 'play' with her friend.  (insert obvious comment here about how we need to give her a brother/sister..)
Finally has enough hair for a clip-in bow!  Her hair is still very fine so it is unlikely that we will put them in her hair consistently, but hey, it matters to know it can be done, right?
Is still working on crawling, and while she isn't there yet, she has mastered rolling all over the place to get what she wants.  sometimes she gets stuck and is not impressed.
Other times, she seems not to mind it!
Even though she can't crawl yet, she has recently started doing this:
Loves to play a game we call "fake nap". she will be playing one minute, and the next look at us with a smile and lay her head down on the floor. she will lay like that for a few seconds, pop back up and keep playing. Silly girl.
Is still a HUGE fan of bath time.  
  It is so crazy to think that in just 3 months she will be a year old!  While we've had incredible challenges up to this point, being her parents has been an absolute blast. :)

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