Wednesday, March 26, 2014

photo dump

I realize it has been a bit since we've done a photo update on the blog, but in our defense, we have had a case of the flu that wont go away, and I unexpectedly had to get a new phone (and in doing so, my photos are in cyberspace) so here is our life in pictures over the past few weeks. enjoy :) 
We went to her 9mo appointment (actually 9 1/2mo) and she is healthy as can be!  19.3lbs and 28 1/2 inches long/tall.  Everyone always comments on how petite she is, but in reality, she is just tall for her age! Looks like she will get her daddy's height :) 
She is getting closer every day to crawling!  She can push herself up like a champ, and over the weekend she learned to army crawl!  PS- see the Mohawk in her hair?  that is from Copper. We tell him to 'go say hi to Eme' and he'll go over and lick her :) too cute.
She is getting better at maneuvering herself out of odd positions, but still likes to practice yoga when she's crawling.  I'm going to start calling her yogi ;)
Copper is much more aware of Emerson now that she can scoot to him and pull his tail, grab his ears, smear her food on him "play with him".
We went for a walk/run to Walmart on one of the random sunny days that we've had and she played in her stroller like champ! she wasn't too sure about the hat at first, but a
all of her summer sun hats are packed away at the moment, so it was what we had to work with! **It was a gift from her Uncle Tyrel and says "I hunt for hugs". love it**
She will play with anything she can get her hands on!  Can you tell I caught her in the act?
And she LOVES the remote!  whenever she plays with it, I'm sure to take out the batteries because she can always find a way to change a setting and we can't get it back!
Standing like a champ  
You wouldn't know it, but we had the flu this past weekend, and these next few photos were taken during her sick time.  Thankfully she (and we!) are on the mend, but she is a trooper when she is sick.
She loves to play peek-a-boo and was having fun with the shower curtain while we were getting ready for her bath
She also loves the curtains in the living room. She is finally tall enough to reach them, and when she's positioned right, she will use her walker for support and play with the curtains.
She has slight hints of red hair coming out.. (she gets that from my side of the family)
She is still a champion eater and we haven't really found a food she doesn't like.  I had made tilapia the other night and she tried it and loved it. She even picked the pieces of fish over the cheese which is a HUGE deal for her. Girlfriend loves her cheese.
She is a very independent little girl, and loves to feed herself. I had made us both toast on one of our sick days, and you can see the small pieces that i'd torn up for her on the plate. BUT when I got up to make a cup of tea, she decided to take it into her own hands literally and eat the whole piece on her own.
She does this all the time!  if she hears or sees something she's not sure of, she will cock her head to the side and look at it.  If you do it to her from across the room, she will mimic and do it back.
We made chocolate chip cookies the other day, and needless to say, she thought she was a big help!  she ended up sticking her hand in the batter and eating some (before I added the eggs) and was a big fan. 
She also got to sample some cookies and loved those too! 
She has the abs of a champion.  We aren't sure where she learned this, but she sits like this all.the.time.  her feet are always a few inches off the ground, and she acts like its no big deal!
My flu hit a few days after Eme's did, and thankfully B was able to step in and play with her when I wasn't able to.  Needless to say, they unpacked her entire toy box out onto the floor, and she was happy as a clam.  B was also surprised at how many toys she actually has. 
thankfully we are on the mend and have ourselves and our awesome little baby back to play with. Her 10 month update will follow soon. (whaaaaat? 10 months?! I need to plan her bday party =/)


  1. She is getting sooo big! It's been too long since we've seen her! Has it really only been three months since Christmas?!?!

    1. I know, she's growing so fast! She and the boys will have fun playing together when we see you guys next!