Monday, July 7, 2014

yes we are still here..

I know I say it all the time, but life picks up speed when you have kids!  we have been crazy busy lately, between celebrating Emerson's birthday (a post will follow on this shortly), Brandon graduating from college (with TWO degrees!) and us selling AND buying a new house, the blog has sadly been neglected.  Feast your eyes on this photo dump, and hopefully it can fill you in bit by bit over the next few posts.

12month stats: 21lbs, 30" tall and fabulously healthy!  The dr. has been pleased with her progress at each appointment, and our most recent was no different.

at 12 months old Emerson is:
As curious as can be!  she loves to reach/crawl/climb on anything she can get her hands on or into.  Specifically the toilet.
 Is a very independent 'player' but often refuses to sit on the floor alone.  If you are sitting in the chair, she will crawl over to you and try and climb up to be near you.  She doesn't want to be held though, she just wants you to join her on the floor!

is an incredibly independent eater.  She loves to try and feed herself everything from eggs to fruit to pasta to chicken nuggets.  Sometimes she is quite successful at feeding herself.
Yes.. that is a lime.  She loves to play with the odd items from our Bountiful Basket, and sometimes that is the only way I am able to make dinner!

other times... She isn't as successful. 

Sleeps like a rockstar!  It took us a long time to get to this point, but she consistently sleeps through the night and takes two naps per day.  She is able to put herself to sleep, and wakes up very happy each day. (except when she is teething.. then she is a bear)
She has assumed the usual 'baby' sleeping position at night.
and sometimes sleeps like this during nap time.. (just like her daddy :) )
LOVES the outdoors!  The patio on our house got a lot of use in these early days of summer, and we took full advantage of the nearby parks.

Is more of a cheeseball as the days go by.  She loves to squinch up her face and smile at us and we eat it up every time!

Has made HUGE strides on the 'letting other people besides family members' watch her!  She currently goes to a friend's house 1 day/week and is babysat by her, and she does great!  I was very nervous for this, seeing as how our track record with the church nursery isn't the greatest, but she has done amazing so far! the friend has a daughter that is right around Eme's same age and they play so well together.  God answers even the smallest of prayers :)

Was quite enamored with the World Cup soccer games lately. A future soccer player, just like mommy :)

Is such a sweet, happy little girl.  She has such a fun personality, is very friendly towards others, and quite adventuresome. 




Had a blast for the 4th of July Festivities!  She had two different outfit changes, we played in the fountains, went swinging in the park, ate Italian food with family, and had a great holiday weekend!


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