Thursday, January 29, 2015

19 months

19 momths *cough practically 20 cough* has been so much fun. Emerson is learning so many things on a regular basis and it has been so neat to watch her experience things.
I know all parents are bias, but she is growing into such a beautiful little girl. she loves her necklaces (which are actually mine) and headbands, and frequently tells me 'pretty'. That's not to say she doesn't LOVE playing in the dirt and being outside. she is really the best of both worlds!
She has been showing some minimal signs of potty training (at 19 months, I know... whaaaa?), but we know she's not ready to jump in yet. In preparation for when that day comes, we've purchased her a small potty seat, and she loves to tell us 'potty' and run to the bathroom. we hear some thumping around, quiet, and then hear her exclaim 'all done!' slam the lid down and run out with a grin. She has yet to actually use the seat for its intended purpose, but we are in no mood to rush things.
We frequently find toys in the toilet, so its safe to say she's not quite ready to use it yet, lol.
She is the queen of making a mess! She loves to have her toys arranged 'just so' and will spill the entire bag/box/container of items so she can pick out the exact one she wants.

Which usually results in her play area looking like this.. =/
She dumped nearly every container out, looked at the mess, looked at me, and walked away.

She is still a water baby, through and through, and we look forward to bath time! in her stocking this year she got some washable 'paint' and we create many masterpieces each bath.

Now that our house is big enough, I can finally proudly display my grandma's sewing cabinet!  I cant wait to get started on projects, but until then, Emerson is convinced it is a new fort for her. #winwin

She still sleeps like a champ (although lately, her wake up time of choice has been just shy of 5am!), and the best night's sleep we've ever had was new years eve. she was asleep by 7:15pm and slept for over 12 hours! mom and dad were quite happy :)

She threw a fit for me to take the gift out of the box so she could put her 'so soar' (dinosoar) in it, and then promptly climbed in and gave him a kiss. loved that I captured it!

We have been working on animal noises lately and she is learning them at lighting speed! Enjoy the video :)

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