Thursday, February 19, 2015

20/21 months

We've fallen off the blogging band wagon yet again, sorry about that!
Life has been busy for us lately, with home projects, hunting season (yes.. still) and a busy toddler who thinks she knows/can do everything on her own, life has been in full swing!
at 20/21 months she:
has the most ridiculous bed head I've ever seen. It compares to her cousin Bram's. She gets the natural curl from my side of the family (thanks dad!) and only the ends are curled so far.  the rest of it has a wiry texture, so when she sleeps, it gets all matted.  we comb it all the time, and have a leave in conditioner spray we use, but it is still quite wild.
It is getting longer each day, and she recently found my bag of hair curlers (that I haven't used in at least 10 years) under the sink, and thinks they are the greatest toys ever.
Her hair is FINALLY long enough for fun things! pony tails, piggy tails, and even a topsy tail (which my sister told me makes me sound old when I call it that! what else am I suppose to call it?)

see those curls? :)
Girlfriend LOVES to read!  she has a few favorite books, some of which make noise and disappear under the couch when we've played with them 100x in a day, and she will frequently disappear to her room or her bookshelf to drag out a book and climb to her recliner in her room, sit with her teddy bear, or climb into our laps to have us read to her.
Still eats like a champ. She has certain foods she doesn't like (spicy things, stuff with weird textures- like chicken) but greatly enjoys others (fruit, carbs, dairy, carbs).  She is surprisingly adventuresome though, which lends itself to many fun videos like the one below. 
We had given her a lemon when she was younger and she was pretty unphased, so when we got some grapefruits in our recent Bountiful Basket, we thought to let her try it :)

She also loves to stick things on her fingers. 

LOVES to be outside.  the minute we are awake, she asks to go outside.  however, given that we are in the upper Midwest and there is new snow falling every few days, our outdoor time has been limited recently.

We've had a few nice days recently though (followed by a snow day or two) but when the weather is good, we go for walks in our neighborhood.  a huge plus is that there is a park not far from our house and we make many trips there each week. 
On our walks, she has to carry a purse so she can fill it full of rocks. (sorry neighbors!)
On one recently rainy/snowy day, we headed to a local education place called 'The Outdoor Campus'. it is full of neat learning things for kids, shows the wildlife, plant life and other cool things about our area.  Needless to say, she loved it!  We are looking into seeing if we can have her bday party tere (she will be 2?! whaaaat?) as well.

Has started dancing on the regular and its adorable!

 still loves her puppy!  He is so patient with her, and withstands her 'petting' him (usually a few rough hits), he gives her kisses and then promptly knocks her over.  She returns the love by feeding him people food (which he isn't allowed to have!), so I think they have a good friendship as a result.

  We have an extended 3rd stall garage, and have tried to find ways to give Copper access to the outdoors, without tromping mud all over our new flooring.  B had the great idea (which I was hesitant about at first) to put the dog door in the back of the garage and make him a kennel space in there.  It works great, the only downside is that E thinks it is a playground for her, and we find her on his bed all the time. 

she has taken a huge liking to baby dolls and stuffed animals!  She is so sweet with them when she's not dragging them by the foot or neck. She loves to put her diapers on them, and just recently has started to wrap them in blankets and carry them around.

I know every parent says this, but she is so smart!  Her vocab is at least 75 words and it grows each day.  She knows animal noises, has some number sequences down, and will attempt any word you provide.  SHe also has taken a huge liking to her Mr. Potato Heads.  She very rarely doesn't always get the pieces in the right holes, but she gets them put together and is so proud!  She runs through the house yelling 'tato!' and we treck to the playroom and put them together.  
She has been able to blow on things for a while now.  She learned it when we would blow on her food to cool it down, but recently, her daddy taught her how to do this.  (which mommy soooo enjoys =/)
Also not sure where she learned this from, lol.
Now climbs the stairs like a big girl.  Up or down, she is determined to do it herself.
This is the new face she makes whenever I pull out the camera. Not sure where its from, but hopefully the phase passes quickly, lol.

In exciting personal news, I've begun to write for a few local publications!  Prior to my hiring at the law firm, I was a freelance writer for the local paper, and I've begun to notice how much I miss it.  I contacted a few editors of the local paper and some of the smaller magazines here and was selected to write a few things!  One is a local parenting magazine, and the second one actually appeared on the front page of our newspaper!
it feels great to be using my degree in a way that it was designed, and the extra money doesn't hurt either :)


Enjoying a rare snuggle the other night :)

My whole world in one photo :)

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