Thursday, May 7, 2015

and then there were 4 :)

Yep, that's right! our family of 4 is growing to include a new baby! we are due October 24th (smack at the beginning of pheasant season, sorry babe ;) ) and couldn't be happier!
our announcement :)
 And yes, true to form I took 5 pregnancy tests a few tests to confirm :)

We took this the night we found out we were pregnant. Emerson ruling the roost as usual!

a few ways that this pregnancy has differed from our first:
- It is FLYING by! i'm 15w5d already, and the weeks are going so quickly.  On one hand, i'm grateful bc it means we are that much closer to meeting our little one, but on the other, I feel like i'm giving this baby the short end of the stick as far as documentation goes!  I take random progress photos to see how big my belly is (read: its BIG) but I have yet to do a pregnancy board of any sort =/

took this yesterday, 15w4d
- I had slight morning sickness. When pregnant with Emerson, I had very few issues, and often had to remind myself I was pregnant.  This time around, even still(!!) if I don't eat frequently enough I feel nauseous, and I've thrown up twice before work.

- I am exhausted! the first trimester I was regularly in bed around 8:30pm, and had zero issues waking up throughout the night.  Now that i'm in the second trimester, it has gotten a bit better, but I don't remember being this tired the first time around!
- My skin is clear!!!!- this folks is  HUGE deal! with Emerson my skin was a mess. This time around, my skin has cleared up rather than gotten worse!  *cue angels singing*
- I'm showing waaaay faster.  I've always heard that you 'pop' faster with the second child, but trying to keep the pregnancy a secret until 12 weeks was quite difficult.  I had two coworkers ask me when I was around 10 weeks.
On the whole I feel really good though and can't complain! we are over the moon excited for this new addition and cant wait to meet him or her!

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