Thursday, May 21, 2015

a few month's update

As the months have ticked by, life has slowly been picking up speed.  we have had some unseasonably warm days, and this results in spending a good amount of time outside, and far fewer moments inside! as a result, I've fallen off the blogging wagon (again), but have clawed my way back with my infamous 37+photos and descriptions of how our recent months have been spent! Sorry, but enjoy!

these recent months have shown many new facets to her personality, and it has been so fun to watch her learn and grow!
Her vocabulary is off the charts, and she will speak in somewhat full sentences to communicate her wants/needs. 
She has a very ornery side and is quite independent with activities. 
She has begun to push boundaries to see what she can get away with, but is receptive to discipline (as much as a nearly 2 year old can be).
She got my sensitive spirit and will cry at the drop of a hat.  She tries to push boundaries and can act out on occasion, but the minute you scold her or tell her that her behavior is naughty (she hates that word) she will burst into crocodile tears and cling to your leg apologetically.
She loves the men in her life (daddy, papa(s) and her uncles) and the women come a close second. She is friendly towards certain strangers, but very cautions around others.
She has a few friends at daycare and church she has grown quite fond of, and will ask for them frequently.
She is more and more fun as the days go by. she is an actual person now, with desires and the ability to communicate them, and each passing day is better than the last!

Emerson is still a HUGE fan of being outdoors.  when we pull into the garage and close the door she cries. everytime.  she loves to be in the fresh air, and we are sure to take full advantage of the gorgeous area we live in and take hikes frequently.

We are so fortunate to have a large yard (well, technically two or three.. we have a large fenced in back yard, and a huge side yard, and then our front yard) and while most of E's toys are designated to her play area in the backyard, we didn't have a tree with sturdy enough branches to hang her swing, so that was relegated to the side yard.  If you've spent any amount of time at our house, E has surely asked to you take her and 'siiim?' (that's toddler for swing). and if you oblige her, she will likely shower you with smiles and hand holding/dragging you out to it.

the weather here as of late has been somewhat of a roller coaster, but we have broken out the firepit a few times and E loves it!  She knows its hot, and will walk past it and tell us 'hot mommy/daddy' and continue on her way. 
I love this girl to death, but she gets dirtier by the day!  she loves to dig in the dirt, and many of her clothes have slowly become so stained that they are purely designated 'play clothes'
In preparation for this summer, we purchased a large tent to go camping!  Emerson thinks it is the greatest 'tunnel' and loves to run around in it when we set it up.

She loves to play hide and seek, and is actually starting to get better at hiding!
She has been able to count to 3 for a while now, but recently has started counting to 10 (with some varied assistance). she gets stuck on the number 4, but when we say it for her, she continues on her merry way.

We recently enrolled her in a weekly gymnastics class (gymnastics is a loose term. she and other kids her age (1-3) are able to have free reign of gymnastics equipment and practice on the balance beam, jumping, hanging on the bars, and having fun in general.)
She's still not the most coordinated kid, but her attempts at running are much more identifiable, and she is getting much closer to actually jumping, rather than just calf raises :) 


she has also taken an affinity to coloring of any sort.  She loves to draw with crayons, markers, chalk, pens/pencils, basically anything she can get her hands on.


She is still fiercely independent but will snuggle on occasion. usually with B.


She loves to help 'cook'. and by cook, I mean yell until she can stand on her stool to see the counter, help add ingredients (many of which end up on the floor), turn on the mixer, sit on the counter to watch the ingredients mix together, and then lick the batter wand.  She then proceeds to check on the item multiple times, standing in front of the oven door, with the light on, until the timer sounds, so which she runs to find me and yells 'all done!!!'



LOVES bath time! this girl will be a natural at the lake! however.. after we had this joyous experience of using bubbles in the bath (for the first time ever!) she pooped in the tub :(  i heard it before i saw it (yep) and once it began to float up behind her and touched her back, she lost it. Full on screaming/crying, and she stood up, which made the mess worse!  i had to stand her up, rinse her off and wrap her in the towl, all the while, she is yelling/crying 'poopy mama' at me.  so sad, but i had to power through (and try not to throw up).
Bathtime after that was traumatic for a few weeks, she wouldn't sit down, and insisted that there was poop in the water, even though there wasn't. 
we also haven't been able to have a true bubble bath in nearly 2 months.

the aftermath.
We had a blast this Easter!  I had ordered her dress from a fellow mommy friend, and seeing her all dolled up was adorable! 
We chose to dye eggs this year and she did pretty well!  granted, she lasted doing about 2 eggs and Brandon and I did the rest, but we had a good time!

We then lucked out with gorgeous weather for Easter Sunday and were able to do an egg hunt in our backyard.  She didn't understand the concept at first, but once she learned that there was candy inside the eggs, she had a blast running around the yard and finding the eggs.


we have an amazing tourist attraction here called Bear Country, and every year they open their doors prior to the season starting and allow the public to see/pet the baby bears! B and i had never gone before, so we braved the rainy weather, and the experience didn't disappoint!

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