Friday, June 21, 2013

3 weeks already!

Our lives with Emerson have been an adjustment to say the least. Yes, we read books so we could have an idea of what to anticipate, but nothing we read, no discussions with friends and family members could prepare us for what it would really be like. 

At 3 weeks she:
-loves to look outside. Her big blue eyes open so wide so she can take in the sights of the outdoors.
-has good sleep habits at night, but still struggles during the day.  I'm sure it is largely in part to her wanting to see and be a part of the daytime, but as a result she gets overtired easily and then fights sleep like no-ones business.
-has zero issues with regular bms, and doesn't seem to mind having her diaper changed.
-eats like a champion. There are times I feel I can't keep up with her demand, but knowing that she is growing and thriving is a great feeling.
-LOVES car rides, walks and anytime she is being moved in her carseat.  She usually ends up sleeping like a champ afterwards (which we love).
-Still has a will of steel.  Not only does she move around when she's positioned in a way she doesn't want to be, she also exercises it when eating or falling asleep.  Unless she wants a pacifier when falling asleep, she will spit it out forcefully until she is ready to take it.
-her looks change more and more with each passing day.  We got a few of her newborn photos back (taken at 5 days after birth) and she looks SO different already!  I will do a post shortly showing off a few of those :)

Taking a photo of a 3 week old is a little difficult (hence her squinchy face)
this was last night when we went to a festival downtown. Cute right??

That said, I feel that some of what we have experienced isn't normal.. For example:

-we put baby gates throughout the house to help keep Copper corralled into the main part of the house, and out of the bedrooms with the carpet. As a result however, we have both tripped through the gates while half asleep checking on Emerson, and I actually broke my pinky toe last week. 

-I have woken up at least three times now, dream nursing Emerson. My subconscious must've thought she was crying, and in my half asleep state of mind, I sat up in bed, got myself ready to nurse her, and woke up holding the bare air, with her still sound asleep in the nursery. We aren't co-sleepers by any means, and I've never nursed her in bed, so I'm not sure what my mind was thinking..

-I have fallen into the "new mom" getting ready phase. I shower one day (or night), sleep with wet hair, "do" it the next (usually in a pony tail or braid) and I've worn makeup three times since coming home from the hospital. Sexy.

Here is one day we actually got ready!  Had some errands to run and she wouldn't wake up for anything. So I had some time to kill ;)

On an exciting note, the combination of nursing, lack of sleep, no appetite and other various new mom things, I have bounced back to pre-pregnancy size faster than anticipated and fit back into my summer shorts.  Granted, my stomach still has that weird mommy skin that needs to be worked on, but it just goes to show how much water weight I really did have.

She sleeps like this all the time!  I feel badly for her poor little neck but it doesn't seem to really bother her.  She does great in her swinging chair, and we are slowly working our way up to sleeping in her crib.

She spent time with daddy yesterday watching videos on how to train dogs.  Its a big passion of daddy's, and she will no doubt be his little helper one day!

-meals before Emerson's arrival use to consist of a protein, a vegetable of some sort and a carb. Meals now consist of a plate of scrambled eggs. Or pop tarts. Or another snack item. People have been so gracious and made some freezer meals for us, but by the time dinner rolls around, we are usually so off schedule that we eat whatever is fastest. It's gotten better but we've had some interesting "meals" so far.

-One thing no-one told me- showering for the first time while your newborn is sleeping in the other room is one of the most terrifying things ever!  I kept having irrational fears that she was screaming her head off and i'd step out of the shower only to find her sound asleep.   It added a decent amount of additional time to my shower, and the puddle on the bathroom floor was an interesting addition too. =/

-my hearing is now super sonic. We can be watching a movie with the dishwasher running, a load of laundry washing and another being dried, and I can hear her cry out from her bedroom. With the door nearly shut. I feel there should be a super hero modeled after the modern mom. Not sure what her name would be, but her powers would be: super sonic hearing, feeding someone else literally on demand and the ability to live like a zombie but be fully functioning.
 -speaking of super heroes; Emerson could be one in her own right. This girl may be tiny, but don't let her size fool you- she is the gassiest and poopiest baby I've ever known. Literally, her poops sound like an adult, and every time she does one, I have to check to make sure there isn't poop everywhere underneath her. We have had two blowouts thus far, and at the rate she goes, I'm sure many more are in our future. 

This is her pooping face. If you're holding her and this appears, watch out!


-she isn't super burpy, but she has gas like a trucker. Thankfully for us, she is still nursing so they don't smell, but the sound alone makes you think we have a teenage boy living with us, rather than a nearly 3 week old little girl.
  -we had our first date night the other night, B was so sweet and rented a movie, got some cheese, meats and olives and opened a bottle of Chardonnay. I made it through four sips and promptly fell  asleep on the floor. =\ sorry babe, and here's to hoping I get to be a better date as Emerson gets older. 


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