Sunday, June 9, 2013

Emerson's birth story

One of the last photos of Emerson on the inside
Emerson has been in this word for a week now, and we've experienced so much with her already.  All those memories have taken precedence in my mind, but documenting her birth story to remind us of the end of one journey and the beginning of another is very important.  Enjoy :)

We had seen our doctor on Thursday, May 30th for our routine 39 week check up and all was well with me and little Ms. We had previously decided that we would do a membrane sweep that day to try and jump start labor.  Afterwards, I went to work for a half day and then started my maternity leave, met B for lunch and did one last grocery run before heading home.  The rest of the afternoon passed fairly uneventfully, a few minor cramps, but nothing to make me think 'holy cow, baby A is coming!' 

We went to bed that night with high hopes but no expectations.  I was woken from a sound sleep early Friday morning by a loud SLAP sound.  B sprung out of bed, said a spider had landed on him and flew out of the room.  Now, it could've been the membrane sweep that started the contractions, but B thinks he had a role in the early labor festivities ;).

At 2:05 last Friday morning (after the spider massacre), I felt what I knew was a contraction. 12 minutes later I had another, and 5 minutes after that another, and they continued to be 5 minutes apart or less for the next hour. Dr. D. had previously told us the rule of 5-1-1 (contractions 5 min. apart lasting 1 min. for 1hr.) to gage when to head to the hospital. Knowing we were rapidly heading this way, I woke up B and after a short discussion, we got things ready for the hospital. 

We checked into the ER around 4am and got sent to Labor & Delivery for evaluation to determine if we were going to be admitted.  I wasn't as dilated as I had hoped (still only 1.5cm) so they had me and B take an hour long lap around the L&D floor to see if I would progress so we could be admitted.  After many painful contractions (all of which B was fabulous through- helping me breathe, rubbing my back to relieve pressure, etc.) I had dilated more and they decided to admit us. Baby A was making his/her HER arrival in the coming hours!

**Just wanted to include a side note here that B was AMAZING throughout the entire process.  Every contraction, he was right by my side, helping me through them, helping keep focused on the end goal, and being my rock throughout the entire process. So blessed to have him as a husband

The plan was to go through labor all natural, but once we got into the thick of things, my body couldn't handle it.  I tried every yoga breathing and other relaxation technique I had read, but my body progressed on its own to about a 4 and then stalled out because every muscle would tense up to make it through the contractions.  After discussing with B, we decided an epidural was the route to go and the doctor came in and worked his magic.  The labor experience afterwards was like night and day.

With the help of the epidural, B and I were both able to get some much needed sleep in preparation for what was to come.  A downside of the epidural however, my contractions drastically slowed down during our nap time.  They gave me some additional medicine to help kick things back into gear.  Another nap later, my epidural began to wear off, so when I was around 7cm I felt the contractions in full force again.  They got me refilled and it was a looong half hour/40 minutes until I was pain free again.

Dr. D was working during this whole period, but continued to monitor our progress from afar. after she got off work, she went out to dinner with friends and waited to hear from us.  The nurse checked me a final time around 8:45pm and after one test push, she called Dr. D and it was game time.  They got the additional nurses and equipment ready for her arrival, and as our Dr. suited up, she turned to B and asked 'do you want to help with the delivery?'  We looked at each other in shock, and B decided that he wanted to help.  He got suited up, and I got ready to push.  The delivery itself wasn't nearly as bad as the labor.  The hospital staff was very helpful throughout the whole process, and delivery was no different.  B was able to assist with the delivery, helping to rotate her as her head came out, and guided the rest of her body out into this world.  I pushed for a little less than 30 minutes, and she made her arrival at 9:26pm on Friday, May 31st, 2013. The minute B put Emerson on my chest and told me she was here, and a beautiful healthy baby girl, there are no words for how amazing that moment was. 

Holding our daughter for the first time was so powerful.  Knowing that B had helped bring her into this world, right along side me.. There are just no words for how special a moment that was for the three of us.  We had prayed for this little blessing for the past 9 months and to finally meet her for the first time was great.  I sound like a blubbering fool, but for those of you who have experienced it, you know exactly what I mean.  God has blessed us so much by bringing her into our lives, and we are so grateful.

With our awesome Dr.

She weighed in at 6lbs 7.5oz. and was 18 1/4" long. A little one, but don't let her size fool you- she has a will of steel already and is very stubborn!

Both grandmas (and all immediate family really) were waiting on pins and needles for news that baby A had arrived.  Once we had spent an hour or so as just the three of us, and both Emerson and I were in good health after the delivery, we called both families and grandmas were there within minutes.  We kept the gender a surprise until they met her, and finding out she was a girl was such a great surprise for both of them when they held her and met her for the first time.


Coming home from the hospital, our neighbors saw we had a car seat and came over to investigate. it worked out perfectly because they were able to take this photo for us of us bringing her home for the first time!

Welcome to the world sweet Emerson, we love you so much and are so proud to be your parents :)

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