Monday, June 17, 2013


As I sit in our glider chair, nursing Emerson for what already feels the bazillionth time, I find myself thinking of how great our life is in this very moment. Yes, our first few days with a newborn made me want to claw my eyes out every time she woke up, things gave slowly gotten better, and she now follows the smallest glimmer of a schedule.
At 11 days, she:
- Nurses like a rock star. She had a great latch from early on, and I thank God everyday that it has continued that way.
- as a result of her rock star nursing skills, at her 2 week follow up dr. appt yesterday, she is back to birth weight (and then some!) at only 10 days old. Born into the featherweight division at 6lbs 7.5oz, she now weighs 7lbs! Woohoo for a healthy growing baby :)

many of our feeding are spent like this.. sleepy

-is very expressive. She makes funny faces constantly, everything from Elvis eyebrows to looks of pure surprise.

This was taken one morning at 4:20am
when she wouldn't sleep =/
She is surprised by herself often :)

 - She smiles without knowing it, and we love it!

-Loves the outdoors. If she is fussy, we can throw open the door or blinds and she loves to look around and bask in the sunlight.
-Does whatever she wants. I can position her in a swing, car seat or boppy looking in a certain direction, but if she doesn't want to look that way, she does everything in her power to adjust to a different position.
-  has a twisted sense of humor. Four separate times now, we will be in the process of changing a poopy diaper (with no new one underneath) and she thinks that is the perfect time to go pee.  All over herself, her outfit, the changing pad and cover. It happened to B first, and he accurately describes it as a cascade =\. Needless to say, it's good gma Dobbs made multiple crib sheets, and most recently, a waterproof liner pad.

This was taken after our first family outing to a local BBQ festival.  needless to say, she didn't see much that day, but she looked stinkin' cute!
-she has shown limited potential in being a self soother.  granted, she soothes by sucking on two fingers rather than her thumb, but hey, potential is potential in my book!


There are a few updates into our crazy amazing life with this beautiful little girl.  It has been hectic, many tears have been shed (by me of course) but in the long run, we are incredibly blessed to be her parents.  I mean, look at that face ;)


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