Friday, November 15, 2013

23/24 weeks

Sorry I've been behind on the blogging lately. Between a sick husband, a baby working on teeth, crazy busy job, and just life in general, time has slipped away from us!
Today E is 5 1/2 months old and more fun each day.
I just realized that we didn't post any photos of Halloween!  There were tons of adorable options to dress E as this year, but we decided to make her a butterfly.  Be advised- we have a great family themed costume for next year ;)
We didn't do any true trick or treating, but we did visit each set of grandparents, and took some photos. She even "picked out" some candy at each house.

Halloween proved to be too much excitement for her. She fell asleep in the car from one grandparents to the next.

She is slowly getting use to her lovie. I don't typically give it to her at night, but sometimes when we are eating before bed I'll lay it across her stomach. This night in particular, I laid her in the crib and tried to take the lovie from her,but she wouldn't let it go! 

She sleeps like this all.the.time!  On her side, holding her own hand, and feet up on the edge of the crib. If it takes her a bit to fall asleep, she will play with her feet. Or remove her socks and play with her toes.
She has been able to hold her own bottle for quite a while now, but I still love to take pictures of her doing it- she seems so big!
Another great stride on the developmental front- she can sit up unassisted for a decent amount of time!  Granted, she is still a little wobbly sometimes, but on the whole, she is getting sturdier and sturdier each day. More importantly, she loves to stand!  I think we will have a early stander here. 
All smiles in her new walker
I've been wanting to try cloth diapers for quite a while, but until recently, her thighs weren't chubby enough!  Needless to say, we don't have that problem anymore, so we have slowly started to cloth diaper.  I've purchased a few online, and used some that my mom had made my sister and things have gone well so far.   
There are countless baby toys out there that people consider ' a necessity '.  We've tried to be selective with what we buy (due to both available space and cost!) and her walker that I purchased for a steal of a deal on Craigslist ($5- hollah!) currently doubles as an activity table.  we push the back of it up against a wall or the couch so it doesn't move when she pushes on it, and put the boppy around her in case she tips sideways.  Its worked great so far, she loves to sit and push the buttons, and when things make noise, it is an added incentive. 
She sleeps on her stomach more and more.  I think it is on accident sometimes, but she does it none-the-less. 
 We went to Cabelas as a family today- I think she looked the part :) 
Before E was born, we did research on how to acclimate a fur baby (our dog Copper) to a newborn baby to ensure that there weren't jealousy issues and that he wouldn't do something terrible.  Needless to say, he has been the best "big brother" we could've asked for, and the feelings are completely mutual- E loves him!  Copper will come up and lick E in the face and she just grins. She will pull his ears or poke him in the eye and he just sits patiently waiting for it to be over.  I can tell they will be the best of friends already :)  Don't worry, we always supervise their interactions.
We went to a craft fair a few weeks ago and gma got this adorable snowman hat for E!  she loves it!  Not only does she look adorable, but she loves the little tassel things and chews on them frequently 
We signed E up for the United Way's "Imagination Library" and her first book came in the mail recently!  The Little Engine that Could  Since B loves to read books with E, they immediately checked in out.  clearly it was a success :)
In more recent news, we started E on people food! Well, not really- I have pureed food for her a few times, and the verdict is still out.. We started with rice cereal (i'll post a video of that soon-hilarious) and then moved onto carrots, and just this morning we tried bananas.  I feel pretty strongly about making her food myself, so it will be fun to see what foods she likes/doesn't like and how the journey goes. 

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