Friday, November 1, 2013

5 months and a happy laugh

Our sweet E is 5 months old! She changes with each passing day and becomes more of a joy. At 5months, she:
Can sit on her own relatively unassisted. (She still gets very excited and tips over!)
Gives smiles very readily
Loves her hands and feet! She will play with her toes (or pull on her socks until she can access her toes) all the time. 
Drools like a fool! we think that she is working on the beginning stages of teething since she doesnt have any actual teeth buds yet (that we can tell).
Will chew on anything! Her hands, your fingers, my hair, any toy close enough to her face, etc. 
Fits solidly into 3-6mo clothing ('with the occasional 6 or 9mo pair of pants thrown in there)
Started rice cereal two days ago and wasn't a huge fan, but we are working on it!
She is still primarily bf, but has formula when needed. (A few outside factors have affected my supply, but now that we are working on eating rice cereal, we will see what happenes)
Still has no issues with regular blowouts. Girlfriend is regular like no ones business, and still has gas like a trucker! 

Here is our sweet girl at 5 months :)

Also, this video captures a brief glimpse of her laugh. Those of you with kids know how fickle a baby's sense of humor can be, so trying to capture her laugh has been difficult! 

Also, her sense of humor came out in full force in her bath tonight. Prior to taking this video, I had her sitting up in the end of her bathtub. True to form, she farted a few times, looked down and saw the air bubbles in the bath water and burst out laughing. Sometimes I feel like we have so many personality attributes of a son trapped in our daughters body :)

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