Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pregnant Lady Problems (so far)

Many people told me that I'd experience a wide variety of changes throughout pregnancy, but little did I know the experiences that I would have weren't things people would warn me about. This list will continue to grow, but so far the "experiences" I've had weren't what I had anticipated. So far they have been:
1) Memory loss. The other day I picked up a few Hershey kisses for a snack and put them in my pocket while walking around the house. A short unplanned nap later, I rolled over and felt something in my pocket.  I reached in and found my "snack" melted to my pocket. Hello accidental chocolate manicure =\
2) Irrational tears. While talking with a co-worker (male) the discussion got heated and I started to cry. He quickly changed the subject and left the room. I returned from lunch to find chocolate on my desk. It's ironic how uncomfortable men get around crying, but man, a small bag of chocolate covered peanuts can  really turn your day around. And ironically, completely make you forget why you cried to begin with.
3) Staring from others. While talking with another co-worker (female this time), I catch her staring at my stomach. I figured she was staring at the growing bump and kept talking. Mid-sentence, she stops me from talking and reaches out to adjust my shirt. Turns out she had been staring at the binder clip I was using to help hold my pants together. Not the baby bump. Good thing I ran to Target today and  bought a belly band.
4) Skewed sense of smell.While eating dinner one night, I smell something that vaguely reminds me of vomit. I notify everyone in the room (which was Brandon and Copper), look around me, only to find Brandon was eating Thai Peanut Chicken with parmesan cheese on stop. Sorry honey.. Hope you enjoyed your dinner =\
5) Estimation if my size. I bought a dress a few months ago for our annual holiday party at work, and when I purchased it, it was pretty big, but I wasn't worried because I have a great tailor who can fix just about anything. I took it to her to size down and she wasn't able to fix it, so I took it to moms house to have her look at it.  I tried it on, only to realize that I had grown into the dress, and it fit with no alterations needed. Turns out the baby is bigger than I thought.

As you can tell, pregnant me is a delight to be around.

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