Tuesday, March 12, 2013

28 weeks

8 weeks- I was so tiny!
28 weeks- not so tiny

These two photos help put things into perspective just how big the baby is becoming.  The photo on the left was the first one we took to start documenting the pregnancy.  I wish we had taken them starting the minute we found out, I'm already a little swollen in this photo, but the change between the two of them is so fun to see!
Here we are at 8 weeks, the baby was the size of a raspberry, .63 inches long and weighed .04oz.  The photo on the right was taken tonight, we are now at 28 weeks and the baby is the size of a head of cauliflower (16 inches) and weighs approximately 2.5lbs.  I struggle sometimes to believe that something that size is growing in my belly right now, and I know these are all approximations, but still! those measurements seem huge and I dont feel that huge just yet!
In fairly awesome news, we are now at the 28 week mark!  This is exciting for many reasons: 1) we are officially in the 3rd trimester (as of last week) which means we are that much closer to meeting our little one! 2) the survival rate of babies delivered at this age and onward is 90% or higher.  we are obviously praying he/she stays cooking as long as possible, but knowing these statistics is comforting, just in case! 3) we are only 9 weeks away from what is considered 'full term' at 37 weeks.  Again, making it all the way to 40 is ideal, but knowing we have that few of weeks left is crazy to think about! 4) We now will go to see our doctor on a bi-monthly basis, rather than just once a month.  I remember at the beginning of the pregancy when we got all our appointments scheduled, this point felt soo far away.  And yet, we are already here.  we will meet with Dr. D twice in March, twice in April, 4 times in May (if we make it that long) and then the baby will be here!
How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: we were up 12.6lbs at our last appointment.  I go in tomorrow for our 28 week appointment and can update this then. 
Maternity clothes? most definitely! I've gone through my closet and sufficiently weeded out boxes of 'non-maternity' clothes that I can no longer fit into.
Stretch marks? Still none and keeping fingers crossed it stays that way!
Best moment this week: B has read the baby a few more stories this week.  Its such a sweet way to bond with the baby, and I know this tradition will continue when the baby is here for real. LOVE it.
Miss anything: Being able to pick something up off the floor without assistance. and being able to bend in half to stretch out my back.
Movement: we had the hiccups for the first time this week!  At first I just wrote it off as regular movement, but when I stopped and paid attention to it, there were small thumps about 3 seconds apart and this lasted for a few minutes! not too discernable from the outside, but I could definitely feel them from the inside. Its happened twice now :) 
Food cravings: I'm still loving the Watermelon or Strawberry Blow Pops.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet: most definitely.  A random woman at church on Sunday told me that the baby bump was beautiful.  totally made my day, and it was such a great feeling.
Gender: We are still team green!
Labor Signs: Nope, all is staying put and continuing to cook as planned. The Braxton Hicks have subsided a bit; they still happen but not as frequently (that I've noticed at least!)
Belly Button in or out? Still in (technically) but it is almost flat now.
Wedding rings on or off? Sadly, they have been temporarily moved to the safe.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: Meeting him/her! We know there is still a fair amount of time left in the pregnancy, but we are so excited to have him or her be a part of our daily lives on the outside.
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