Friday, March 15, 2013

snap shots from this week

We ordered pizza for dinner the other night (HUGE mistake on my part) and B thought it would be funny to include the wording he did on the 'special instructions' section.  It worked though, the pizza came quickly!  I'm starting to think I need to use that as an excuse more often.  I feel that pregnant women can get away with more stuff than a normal person, but I haven't utilized this really. 
When I look like a hott mess- Sorry, I'm pregnant. When I'm late- Sorry, I'm pregnant. When I eat 6 cookies that my co-worker's husband made (instead of 2 like a normal person)- Sorry, I'm pregnant.  When I fall asleep in my chair at work which has happened twice now..- Sorry, I'm pregnant. #sorrynotsorry 
I took the gestational diabetes test (or Diabhetus if you're Wilfred Brimley) this week. The drink wasn't as bad as everyone had made it out to be, it was literally like a flat orange Fanta soda, but having to fast/not drink anything for a few hours beforehand was a bit difficult.  We dont find out the results until next week sometime, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed we dont have it.  The tech who took my blood was pregnant as well, and slightly grumpy, so hopefully more blood draws from Nurse PreggoMcGrumpy are not in our future.
Here we are at 28weeks and 3 days.  The belly is slowly getting bigger, and while it feels huge to me, in the grand scheme of things, I think i still look fairly small for 7 months pregnant.  Until I try to see my feet, bend over to grab something  anything, wear a regular/non-maternity shirt, tie my shoes.. etc.
Also, the non wearing of shoes was on accident, but i think it classes it up a little bit.  You know the barefooted pregnant lady is always a good look.  All I need are some curlers and a bath robe. (the robe isn't a stretch for me at all, if you've stopped by the house unannounced, you've seen my in my 'after hours uniform' of a VS bathrobe, messy side pony and mis-matched slippers.
# Lyndsey

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