Wednesday, March 27, 2013

30 weeks

We had out 30 week check up today and all is going well with me and the LO.  I stepped on the scale and didn't really cry (progress!) and our doctor basically said everything is on track and going according to plan.  We had a strong healthy heartbeat of 140 bpm, and our Dr. played full witness to the stubbornness of the baby.  It took her a minute to find the heartbeat to begin with, and once she did, he/she moved after a few seconds.  She found the heartbeat again, and the baby moved yet again!  I laughed and said "yup, B and I both have a strong will, so I know this will be a stubborn one" and she said "well, you said he/she is stubborn.. not me!" Good Grief..
She also mentioned I'm measuring about 1cm small, but expected that out of me at this stage of the game. (meaning i'm a slight person, so being off slightly isn't cause for concern at this point)  She also said that we are still in the stage where they'd stop me if I went into labor (um... ya thank you for that!) so i asked her when they wouldn't stop the labor, and she said at 34 weeks.  34 weeks?! thats a month from now! we have sooo much to do between now and then!  Mild heart attack on my part, but she highly doubts that we will have any issues with early labor, just bc things have gone smoothly up till now.  Still.. I'll be running to Target and starting to pack our bags now.. just in case.  
 Another mild heart attack- We have less than 10 weeks till our due date!!  So crazy to think about, I remember when we were only 10 weeks into the pregnancy and had 30 to go, and now we are the exact opposite end of the spectrum.  So exciting!

How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +22 lbs
Maternity clothes? There is still a few inches of snow on the ground from our recent storms, but I've worn a dress and a skirt the last two days and couldn't care less.  I'm super comfortable and thats what matters!
Stretch marks? Still none and keeping fingers crossed it stays that way!
Best moment this week: We finally have our names!  Since we are still team green (meaning we dont know the gender) we have a boy and a girl name picked out, and we are in love with either one. Such a relief to have that checked off the 'do to' list!
Miss anything: Being able to wear my wedding ring. B put so much thought and effort into custom designing it for me and I LOVE it, so its a bummer that it doesn't fit right now :(
Movement: I've noticed that we have a fairly active little one; especially in the mornings. My stomach looks like a wave pool of sorts. the baby is getting bigger and you can totally see him/her fighting to get comfortable in there.
Food cravings: I gave into what i would call my first "craving" last night.  I wanted a hot dog for lunch and put it off until dinner, and then proceeded to go through the drive through at Sonic twice. Whoops.. but sooo good
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet: most definitely.
Gender: We are still team green!
Labor Signs: Nope, all is staying put and continuing to cook as planned. The Braxton Hicks contractions have become much stronger, so we are getting some good practice.
Belly Button in or out? we are dangerously close to having the 'turkey timer belly button' pop out!
Wedding rings on or off? Sadly, they have been temporarily moved to the safe.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: We have the dates nailed down for 2 of the baby showers/parties and I couldn't be more excited! The first is 5/2 at my work, and then we are having a co-ed bbq party at Gma and Gpa Akley's on 5/18. Being surrounded by friends and family so close to the end of the pregnancy will be great, and a welcome distraction from the 'end of pregnancy' dolldrums.

see the bump on the right hand side?

The baby likes to stay in the fetal position as much as humanly possible, and often times my stomach gets all lopsided as a result.  Its much more visible in person, but you get the idea from the photo.  Nearly every ultrasound photo we have, the baby has a foot-or both- up by his/her face. I have a feeling that swaddling is going to be our best friend..
Regular clothes photo of me and WoabbaLee at 29w2d.  It looks like I'm smuggling a basketball or watermelon under my shirt, but its alll baby in there.  From the front and the back, i dont look too pregnant, but when i turn to the side.. it looks like the broad side of a barn a cute pregnancy tummy.
In non-baby related news: Brandon was recently hired onto the Water Search and Rescue team! This is a great opportunity for him and he is very excited about it, so it is fun to have something non-pregnancy related to look forward to. He will train once a month and then after he's been scuba certified, anytime there is a missing person or a resue needed for a person who has fallen into the water (lake, creek, etc.) he will be on call to go help find them/save their life. Its great to see he has a passion for keeping other people safe, even ones he doesn't know. So Proud :) 

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