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How we got here

The purpose of this blog is to not only help keep people informed on our crazy amazing life as it progresses, but it will also give us a pretty amazing scrap book of sorts to show our kids one day.  Details often become fuzzy over the months and years, and by documenting things as they happen, we will have a great story to show and read to our little family in the years to come. 

Our journey to how we got pregnant isn't nearly as exciting as some, but for us it is beautifully unique, just like our little one who is currently wedged in my ribs growing in my belly.  Not wanting to forget any details, I thought it would be fun to share the story of how we found ourselves in our current situation.  We are currently a family of 3 (me, B and our dog Copper) and are rapidly approaching a family of 4.  Living in the Upper Midwest has brought challenges (we have four seasons here- almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction) but we are happy to call it home. We are happy homeowners to a slightly crackerjack cozy home and have enjoyed the constant adventures via small renovations projects around the house to help make it uniquely our own. We are lovers of the outdoors and all that accompanies it, and are looking forward to taking our growing little family on many camping trips, hunting adventures and rock climbing outings.

This is a typical family photo of the three of us

For those that know me, you know that I live in a constant state of organized chaos.  I thrive under organization at my job, but at home my whirlwind tornado way of life balances out B's prior military background.  We had been married for about a year and a half and decided to loosely try for a baby while B was at the academy.  We got pregnant the first time in June, and after the miscarriage in mid July, we knew that we wanted to try again as soon as possible.  Like last time, I did everything by the book.  Exercised frequently (I was training for a half marathon on August 19th), ate well, slept alot, charted things- you name it, I did it.  And yet, when I got that positive pregnancy test result the second time, I was still just as shocked as if we hadn't planned anything.

After my body had been through hell and back with the miscarriage, and my finishing the half marathon, I figured me being over a week late was just residual effects from either of those things. 
So the end of September rolls around, and once i realized how late i actually was, I took a pregnancy test on a whim one morning before work (on September 26th, actually).  The normal time to wait for the results is 3 minutes, but within 15 seconds, we had a strong positive. Feeling the effect of holycrapI'mpregnant, i sat down on the side of bathtub so i didnt fall over, and once i had collected myself, I looked again just to make sure.  There it was- positive. Seeing those two lines was such a rush! after having to take test after test to confirm the miscarriage hormones had passed from my system completely, seeing those two lines.. no words! SO many emotions in that moment, but the rational side of me had to keep me breathing.  I thought that surely it was a mistake but again, the rational side of me knew better (you dont get false positives, thats just a myth).

Since i hadn't anticipated taking the test, and most definitely didnt expect seeing the positive result, ihad taken  the test in the morning before I went to work, and B had already gone.  Seeing how quickly it turned positive completely threw me for a loop and while I was absolutely thrilled, a small part of me worried it was residual hormones from the miscarriage just a short while ago.  I made it to work with this amazing news, called my doctor's office and let them know I was pregnant, and asked what we should do next.  I voiced my fears of it not being a legit positive, and after a brief disussion with the nurse, she confirmed it was a new slew of hormones and that i was in fact pregnant (squeee!), took my initial health info and got me scheduled for an ultrasound later that week.

Knowing I had this amazing news to share with B but couldn't share it just yet was torture!  I knew that i needed to do things right and tell him better than I had the first time around (yes, I failed miserably at being all creative with this the first time around).  Case in point- he had been working nights at the time and came in the door after I had taken the test.  I was preparing to head out the door to run to work ( - I was still training for the half at that time) and had taken a test because i was a few days late.  I had no idea we would get the positive that morning, and when he walked in the door, i had the test behind my back, and pulled it out with tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face and handed it to him to process.  He looked at me and asked if we were pregnant and I said 'yes', and you can assume how the rest of it went.  of course the moment was special in its own awesome way, but it was sort of anticlimactic and i felt bad for that.

Knowing full well i had to step it up and do things right this time, I came up with an idea that was 100% us, and i knew hoped he would love it.  I went to work with this amazingly awesome secret and designed a custom print for a t-shirt store down the street from my office.  I picked it up on my way home and put it and the gross pee covered stick postive test in the gift bag (in a zip lock bag, give me some credit!) to give to B.  He was sitting on the couch and looked at me skeptically as i handed him the gift bag.  But as long as i live, i'll never forget the look of absolute joy on his face when he pulled the onsie out of the bag.  It is B's favorite article of clothing for our little one, and he's asked numerous times if it can be the outfit the baby comes home from the hospital in ;)

After a few happy tears and another three pregnancy tests we accepted the awesome reality that had become our life, and haven't looked back. 

Trying to figure out how to tell our parents was another task in itself.  We knew we needed the support system in place immediately, just in case we experienced another devistating loss, but wanted it to be special for both sets of Grandparents, so we got to thinking, and came up with unique ways to tell both sets.

Gma and Gpa Dobbs travel a fair amount, and for them we made some customized airplane and show tickets.  My dad caught on first, and once my mom got it a few seconds later, hugs and tears ensued. 

Gma and Gpa Akley are lovers of a good bottle of wine (who isn't?!) and for them, we made a custom wine label and put it on a bottle we knew they'd love.  We went over to their house for a family dinner and announced that we brought something to drink (not uncommon). B handed it to his dad, and he didnt quite get it at first, and once his mom read it, she let out an excited squeel and the rest was history :)

Like I mentioned before, this pregnancy has been amazing.  No morning sickness to speak of, no major migraines, leg cramps, or any of the other symptoms you often read about.  Our doctor has been amazing and often reassures me that the ease of this pregnancy is repayment for the one that we lost, and while that's a good way to look at it, we know that this little one growing in my belly is completely unique and a blessing all on its' own.  Don't get me wrong- i know just how lucky i am and count my blessings every day, but how awesome its all been makes me a little hesitant to even think of having more than one- what if the next pregnancy is by the book, but in the exactly opposite/horrible way?!  we'll cross that bridge later..

So in a nutshell, that is how we got to our present state.  Two kids in love, with our crazy dog by our side, and a wonderfully supportive family behind us, we are so looking forward to this next step in our lives.  If only i could see into the future to find out how it ends up.. For now, i'll take the fact that I can't see my feet as a sign to stop worrying, stop looking down, and look to the future and enjoy wherever it takes us. :)


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